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Breezes-coffee cream


Have been to Breezes twice before and loved it but being used to tim`s coffee could not get used to the rice milk as they had no coffee cream. I see several comments from people saying how much they enjoyed the coffee. Can anyone tell me if they now have cream for coffee. We were planning on packing some in our luggage.


We were there for 9 days and I just loved the coffee.

The coffee machine at the beach bar was MY FAVORITE spot for my morning coffee and I found if i pushed the button for coffee and some milk - it came out rather frothy and delish.

Many in our group that drink BLACK coffee at home found that they wanted a little milk due to the strength of the coffee and they ALL enjoyed it.

I am SURE if you email guest service and Breezes and ask them if they have real cream they will respond.

Dont really know about “cream” for the coffee, but the waiters about the resort did carry pitchers of “milk” for coffee and cereal - but I tend to think it was of the powdered kind.

I brought 5 lb of coffee back (enjoying some right now) and it is sooooo good with my Half & Half!!


thanks bettyb2 when we were there they only had rice milk could not get used to it. sounds like it is the same now . we are leaving on tuesday,Think I will pack some cream in my luggage. :slight_smile:


I saw the bartenders using milk in tetra paks, flavoured with vanilla. Really good in coffee and White Russians!


How are the other resorts? Do they serve the same type of creme or milk? Just curious.


Think probably much the same. I thought it was delicious.


we went to a couple grocery stores and the only milk we could find there (we were dying for a glass of real milk) were yogurt based milk, vanilla milk and powdered milk.

I had to get my dairy fix by eating yogurt at the resort…

Mommacat - I too LOVED the cream that was in my coffee…it was wonderful and wish I was in my spot at the beach bar with my evening cup before dinner …

ohhh…to dream


1:00 am here, just finished doing inventory. Wish I could just hit the beach bar and have a few of the white russians now!


I would think a black russian would be better ;D


Geez Dennis, Don’t you know we need our Calcium? Besides, the white has less calories!


I am assuming that it would be the same type of milk/cream they served at the GPB in P.C. when we were there. We loved how creamy the coffee tasted, never tried the white russians while there…but will defn be on the top of the list this time:)