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Breezes Dinner Selection... Help

Been away from the board for awhile, but the time is getting close (in the single digits now)! Got 2-3 feet of snow still on the ground and just cant wait!

Would like some help or pointers in making reservations for dinner while staying at Breezes POP. Also looking for advise as to the best dinners to hit.

Thanks all for your past help! I know your help is going to make my first D.R. visit a great one.


we found the mexican and itialian were the best. can’t help with the reservation bt as they had no reservations when i was there.

We were at Breezes Feb 16-24; dinner reservations are made very early (anytime after 6:15am!) in the morning and you can only book two days in advance (ie go on Monday morning to book Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

As in our past visit there, the French restaurant is still the best in my opinion and books very quickly for the week, make this one first. I would rank Italian, Mexican and Japanese after that.

Ditto Janetf, I loved the French restaurant, wasn’t so keen on the Japanese because I found it all too salty. The Italian and Mexican are tied for second place in my opinion.

When you go on your first day, book the French, Italian and Mexican restaurants first and then line up again if you want the Japanese.

Thank you all for your input…

Newcastle, Maine