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Breezes in a month


See by this forum that there are a few members going to the breezes in the next days and weeks, we are going on the 23 of march. There was a lot of head scratching ??? on my part were to go, Breezes, bp San Juan, Gran ventana, tangerine. Would be great to here recent experiences over the next month so I can really appreciate the resort. Thanks


Should be able to find lots of info. Bettyb2,mommacat, ryanz(?). Quite a few folks there now, I am sure they will have some updates for you.


thank u mommcat, I did see yours & bettyb2’s review,which made my head scratching more severe,couldn’t decide. Friends of ours had already booked so we will give it a try. It almost seems like a hit and miss situatiuon, so hopefully the resort keeps improving.


I will also be going on March 22, 2007 with friends and his family… Can’t wait!


I will be in Sosua on 24th March for 2 weeks and I will be in Breezes a few times during that 2 weeks. Wish I was staying in the resort for the whole 2 weeks though. Im going to miss my little gang!! A party at my apartment should make up for it!


redfrog -

You will have a wonderful time and I absolutely LOVED the layout, the views and the staff.

Remember 10 in my group of 22 had a fantastic time and loved everything about their trip, the food, the rooms etc.

I would easily go back there again - but I am a big FOODIE and was a little disappointed.

The 12 of us that were disappointed was due to the fact we were so spoiled at Breezes Nassau 11 months ago and thought the reputation would live up to the same here. It didnt.

Management at Breezes in the DR has contacted the appropriate departments about my complaints … so we will see.

Dont fret - Go to Cabarete and Sosua, enjoy the beautiful views, wonderful warm ocean water and the cool swimming pools.

And EAT at the specialty restaurants…


and hello Clare - welcome to Debs!!! I am sure you will have a lot to offer on the forums here!!

wish i was going to the DR with you - but hubby wont let you smuggle me in without him!


going to breezes april 1st till the 8th for my wedding on the 3rd. can;t wait. see you there clare.



Hello to everyone!
I love this site…it’s been so helpful. Russ and I are going to be at Breezes Mar16-23. Our first trip to the DR, actually our first trip outside of North America. I can’t wait!! I booked online with Transat Holidays. I have some questions…can i ask them here?


juliaandruss -
yes, you can ask them here or start a NEW THREAD with your questions. there is also a search option here where you can type in information you may be looking for.

this is a GREAT site and helped me along with my planning of our first DR trip a couple weeks ago…

wish i was there

By all means, start a new thread with the subject of your question in the subject box.
You’ll get better coverage that way.


Betty - Thats a shame…we could of had a chat over a few presidentes.

Michelle - Can’t wait!! I can confirm I will definately be in Breezes in the evening on 3rd April. Will look forward to having a drink with you and your new husband.


thanks betty and bob.
i have posted my questions on the “questions,questions,questions” forum


I’ll be heading to Breezes with friends from March 27th to April 3rd and can hardly wait! I’ve never been to POP but love DR … was in Punta Cana two years ago and La Romana area last year. I’m SOOO excited to be going again in a few weeks!!