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Breezes Jibacoa Buffet Renovation & our Suite

For those who have been anxious to see what the buffet restaurant renovations look like, here’s a link to my photos of the food stations.

To be honest, the hot food area up against the wall as well as the mid section where the omelet station (breakfast) and pasta station (lunch) always were, don’t seem to have changed much from the old configuration. The third tier where the salad/dessert bars are located seem to have been enlarged and you can access this area from either side.

I’ve provided captions near the bottom of the photos. Hope it makes sense!


Thanks Cristal.
You’re right the only thing that has changed is that the salad/desert area has been repositioned and some food stations have been shuffled around.
I look forward to seeing it in person though ;D

Thanks Cristal - look forward to seeing it all for myself next week! :slight_smile:

I’ve added more photos to the album.

We were assigned an oceanview suite in building #10.

Captions giving more info/descriptions are below the photos.

Thanks for the new piccies!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Amanda :slight_smile:

Bet you can hardly wait to get there and I know for a fact that a few of your Jibacoa friends are waiting anxiously for your return.


Wow, really like the room, looks really nice. So this was an upgrade?

Thanks Cristal. Really looking forward to getting back there - this time next week we’ll be on our way!! ;D

Do you have any other thoughts or comments about your recent visit? There appears to be more and more negative reviews appearing recently, so was interested in hearing your take on things?

Good to know our Jibacoa friends are looking forward to our visit! :slight_smile:

Yes, getting this particular room was a MAJOR upgrade.

The resort has always tried to upgrade returning guests by one room category subject to availability. It’s getting much more difficult to upgrade returnees because there are now so many of us. My best guess was that about 60% of the guests during our stay were returnees. The resort was booked to capacity!


I think that the less than stellar weather affected many people’s impressions of the resort. We had some high winds and rain, so not a good beach day for many. Although they have a rainy day activities schedule, some people probably felt there should have been more done to keep them entertained. The resort was noisier and more active than we’ve experienced previously. Pool volleyballers made it difficult for others to enjoy a decent swim and some guests were annoyed by the ever present music at the pool.

The fact that the resort was filled to capacity this time played a big factor as well. Line-ups, especially at dinner in the buffet were very, very long! The manner in which people lined themselves up to access the food stations made it difficult for others to get near the soup or salad section. Lineups were also common at the bars and there were several days when certain drinks- like Jibacoa coffee- were unavailable because they had run out of some necessary ingredients.

Red flag days at a resort known for great snorkeling don’t make for happy guests. There was again an oil issue one day and it appears that ships using the harbour in Matanzes are illegally emptying their bilges/ballasts near Jibacoa so blobs of oil appeared on the beach. Staff cleaned it up quickly though. Jellyfish problems due to high winds put a damper on snorkeling for the last couple of days as well.

The resort was not the quiet, relaxing place we’ve experienced in previous visits. We adjusted our schedule/activities accordingly and had a great week. I think the resort has become a “victim” of it’s own popularity.

I’d read some complaints about staff favouring returnees, and ignoring others. Most staff treated everyone equally, whether you tipped or not, however I can understand the negative comments. Some of the returning guests behaved as though they “own” the place and we did see a couple of staff favour returnees who came carrying a bag full of gifts. It was especially interesting to see how a few staff, who did recognize you from previous visits, reacted when they saw you but realized that you were not bringing them a bag of goodies this time.

One thing I did find odd was that staff were often unnecessarily apologetic and I surmised it was because they have been dealing with too many impatient guests lately. I expect to have to wait my turn at the currency exchange counter and besides, I’m on vacation so what’s a few extra minutes of my time. No unsolicited apology from any staff should be necessary, even when a resort is full.

Pack a few cooler weather clothing items like a long sleeve shirt and extra sweater because you’ll probably need it.

A coworker from head office returned, last night, from her first visit to Breezes Jibacoa and I have my fingers crossed that she was able to get in some quality snorkel time. She chose BJ after seeing my underwater photos on my bulletin board and based on my description of the resort. I’m always leery about people I know visiting a resort based on my recommendations because everyone’s experience is so individual and much is based on the other guests at the resort at the time you stay. I was talking with another coworker, yesterday, and he’s waiting for her return and take on the resort because he’s interested in going. I’m going to have to take those photos down ::slight_smile: :wink: Come Monday, I’ll know how her week went and pass it on here at Debbie’s.
I agree with YVRck’s comment that BJ is becoming a “victim” of it’s own popularity but I’m addicted :sunglasses:
Thanks for the link to the photos. I was interested to see that the layout of the suite was different to the one we’ve had, in bldg. #4, on our stays . For some reason, I thought the suites would all have similar layouts. Our stays are always for 2 weeks and we love the extra space the suites give for this length of stay. Hubby and I operate on different internal clocks…he’s a night person and I’m a day so I can get up at the crack of dawn and enjoy my morning coffee and book, in the living room, without disturbing his sleep in :slight_smile:
For those unfamiliar with the suites, here’s the layout of the suite we’ve had our past two stays which is somewhat different to the layout YVRck’s photos show:
Living/dining room: