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Breezes Jibacoa E-Mail Address


Does anyone know if Sarah and Vivian have new e-mail addresses ? The one I’ve used so many times before in correspondence with them has gone unanswered . I need a little info from them re our 2013 visit !


Haven’t heard of any change to their email addresses. Try being careful with the wording you use in the subject line. I’ve heard that some emails go straight to “junk” mail. I’d try resending your message in case it fell through the cracks.

We’ll be there first two weeks of Feb. 2013. Maybe we’ll cross paths, again :slight_smile:
Good luck trying to get through


After further investigation, based on someone who contacted the resort a month ago, there has not been any change to the addresses noted in my earlier post. Hope this helps and you get a response :slight_smile: