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Breezes Jibacoa weather in November


Looks like our kind of placeā€¦ if the price is right looking at going in November. :smiley:

Any idea what the weather is like in late november early December?



This is the time of year we usually go to Jibacoa. Weather can be a real mixed bag!

In the early years (1999- 2006), we travelled the first week of December and found it to be quite nice- warm, sunny, not humid and not too windy. After 2007, there seemed to be a definite shift in the weather patterns for early Dec. visits. It became much cooler, windier to the point of more red flag days with jellyfish issues and some real downpours in the evening and overnight causing some minor flooding problems in some of the rooms. The evening rains also played havoc with the outdoor venue for the evening shows which were moved from poolside to the indoor disco which is small and tends to be very loud for some performances.

Weā€™ve found that mid to late November is better than early December.

You can check the historical weather patterns at www.wunderground.com


We have stayed at this resort 3 timesā€¦once in March, once the first week in December, and once the first week in January.
The weeks in December and January were a bust!! :frowning:
Both of those times, the weather was cold with only 1 day halfway warm enough to enjoy the beach. We brought clothing for warm weather and spent the week freezing!!
I know that the weather is out of your control, but these experiences have moved a return trip way down on the list.


I have also experienced cold weather at Jibacoa in December. These days I would prefer to go further south. Santiago de Cuba is pretty much a sure thing for good weather. :smiley: And also has some pretty decent snorkelling. :wink:


thanks for the feedback YVRck, tirednurse and eeeefarmā€¦will not risk it, maybe a destination for late March 2013.

We will be going a little further south to Playa Pesquero for the end of November. hoping that it will be hot.

we booked it last night :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: