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Breezes Jibacoa

My husband and I are thinking of going to this resort in January. We are 40’ish and are looking for nice beach, snorkelling and not too big. This seems to meet our search requirements. Does anyone know if this resort has a pool table. Our past trips to Cuba, the resorts that had pool tables did not have any tips on the cues and my husband was going to bring down his set to retip all the cues if this resort has tables. I can’t wait to go to Cuba again. Thanks, YVRck, for your review of this resort, my husband said that was what made him decide this was the destination this year. Now I get to buy snorkelling equipment, woo hoo!!! Extra Christmas present.

There was a pool table in the games room but, never having used it, I have no idea of the condition of the cues. The resort is kept in good repair so I would think they would be okay.
We are returning, Feb. 2nd for 2 weeks, and it will be our 4th year in a row winter getaway. It met our criteria and that’s why we keep going back. I hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply. Norm will pack his retipping things just in case. This will be our 3rd trip to Cuba. The first time it took us 8 years to finally be able to go, things kept coming up and we would have to postpone. Now, almost nothing would stop us. :sunglasses:

When we were there in Nov the pool table was in use lots but I can’t comment on the tips either. I think it would be much appreciated though if you took the retipping things down. Enjoy your trip

We will be right next door a Cameleon mid Jan. bought myself new snorkeling gear this year to, I just hope the weather permits, 3 years ago we stayed at Breezes (great resort) end of Jan. I think there was one day of the 7 you could go in the water, and one of the days you couldn’t…100’s of jelly fish washed up on shore. I guess its the chance we all take…right. Enjoy your vacation.

I hope that the snorkeling is great too. One of my Christmas presents was also new snokeling equipment. When we were next door at the end of Oct there were no green flag days for the week but a few yellow days so we did get in for a bit. I had heard from the Cameleon last week and they said the water was calm–lets hope it stays that way for another month!

Just returned from Breezes Jibacoa, the red flag was on display almost every day at some point, sometimes it would be green or yellow for a little while in the morning and then changed to red. Some days it did look quite rough and choppy, but on the calmer days I can only assume the red flags were due to the jelly fish. We did see quite a few washed up on the beach, but they didn’t seem to be keeping people out of the water.

Welcome back Amanda!

So how was Jibacoa at Christmas, compared to when you usually go in June?

Sounds like the snorkeling conditions haven’t changed much since our stay in late November. The ideal time to go snorkeling is first thing after breakfast before the winds pick up. Keeping my fingers crossed that those going shortly have a few green flag days.

I picked April this time hoping that my chance of having lots of green flag days will be increased. I’ve been there in Oct and Jan. Both times were similar. Oct was red flagged often because of waves. Jan was more often due to PMOW. Which wasn’t so bad as they usually started to float in after lunch. So the morning was fine. Just have to take a look at the surface on occasion while snorkeling.

Take advantage of every moment when the conditions are good, You never know how fast it will change.


Thanks Cristal!

Christmas & New Year at Jibacoa were excellent. They do a great job of decorating the place and putting up loads of Christmas trees - it was certainly an unusual sight to see Santa on the beach dancing the sun dance & macarena! New Year was very good - they put on a special show and then the countdown to midnight was done at the pool with a bottle of champagne per party.

There were some quite big differences between this time of year and June, the first obviously being the weather - we didn’t feel that the day time sun was as intense as in June, and the evenings were cooler, but by no means cold.

The other big difference was how busy the place was, normally in June it is reasonably quiet but it was pretty much full for most of the time we were there this time. There was the odd time you had to queue, but it wasn’t that bad. You just had to pick the right time to eat - we had read reviews before we left about people waiting for the buffet to open, so we avoided that, and also found there was always a rush at 8.00. Luckily we never experienced the 20 minute or even 1 hour queues for food that some people have mentioned in reviews over on TA.

Also, with it being school holidays both in the UK & Canada there were a lot (and I mean a lot!!) of younger teenagers there. It was a regular sight to see large groups, sometimes about 12 of them drinking out on the balcony of the piano bar.

We had a great time, as always, and are already looking forward to getting our next visit booked. :slight_smile: