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Breezes pop


can anyone tell me how far it is from Breezes to Puerto plata. and do they have a shuttle service?


There is not a shuttle to POP, but to Sousa and Cabarete.


ok do you have an idea how far it is to PP. 15- 20 cab ride etc??
hey i am new at this.


More like 30 minutes, depending on where you are going in POP, and the time of day.


When we were there last March it was $25US each way for a cab into Puerto Plata from the Breezes resort. You are looking at about half an hour drive, it is 20 minutes from the airport and Puerto Plata is on the other side.


It usually takes us 40 minutes to drive from Breezes to Puerto Plata…30 minutes when the roads are quieter. Its a lovely drive…especially when you have a cold Presidente while you go!


New rules. You’re not “supposed” to do that anymore …


Yeah Bob, but like all other rules in the DR, who is going to enforce this law?? We are always careful…especially on such dangerous roads with crazy drivers! My boyfriend included in that.