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Breezes robberies

We’re going to Breezes POP next month and i’m concerned about the reviews on Trip Advisor. Seems to be a lot of complaints about items being stolen from rooms and even safes. Anyone aware of this resort having a bigger problem than others in the DR

I don’t see any mention in “our” reviews …

Reviews on TA…hmmm Think that about says it all

No offence intended to you… just dont much stalk in TA reviews

btw, nice looking ride in your avatar

we will be there next week and had the same concern. Did you know the trip cancellation insurance from PC covers room theft? You gotta have receipts and proof of ownership but hey, it’s a bonus.

For the record… they are having some trouble with robberies at Breezes.
It is someone with a key… and they really bumped up security the week we were there.
Never heard of anything going missing from safes… but certainly stuff from rooms, even with the occupants in the room!

I’m bringing down a baseball bat to sit by the bed for 7 nights and a nice gift for a kid when I leave.

Just got home this morning (7am due to to flight from Fredericton being 3½ hours late arriving to pick us up); didn’t hear a thing all week about robberies! We really didn’t hear anyone complaining about the resort at all!

Nice bike, liggyh, tell us about it.
Not much more yak about Breezes and robberies on the internet than any other spots.

If you haven’t had a chance, check out the reviews here. And the resorts close by, to see if there is a pattern.

I’m a member of that “other travel service online” too, and agree that Debbie’s reviews are more reliable when you discount the “whiners” and “picky eaters” and the “40 hours getting there” unfortunates.

Hey Spunky,

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There were a few robberies while we were there at the end of January. A laptop was stolen from a room, another person had $600.00 in cash stolen.

good news, I just got back and breezes has doubled security. each building has a full time security guard, our building (10) had an army guy!! Unarmed but very watchful 24 hrs a day!

My husband and I stayed at Breezes from Feb 18 to March 4, 2009 and I know of at least two robberies which took place while we were there. My husband spoke to a man from Nova Scotia who was robbed and a friend spoke to a young woman who was also robbed. Both were staying in ground floor rooms. Be careful and make sure you keep your safe key with you.

One of the worst things I’ve seen people do is attach the safe key to the lanyard with your room key. Some low-life gets this and he’s got everything he needs (access to your room and the safe).

Breezes uses the magnetic strip credit card style “key” so as good as this advice is this may not apply at Breezes. I also believe they can electronically control wether the key works or not from the desk (at least it seemed that way to me while I was there as a day to guest if I didn’t reregister for the next day in the morning neither of the two keys would work untill they were reprogrammed) they could deactivate the lock/key card if notified of a lost card although there is no room number indicated on the card

Housekeeping card keys open all doors. If some dishonnest individuals get hold of this kind of card, they can break into your room. But that can happen anywhere. I’m glad to hear that security has been beefed up, because Breezes doesn’t need this kind of reputation. They need to find the culprit!

Just returned from Breezes yesterday. Glad to report that there was no talk of robberies. There was a security guard at the entrance to our building everytime i walked into it. I was in building 11 which is in front of the lobby. The room was fine. These buildings have key cards, but the villas have standard keys. I didn’t hear one complaint the week i was there. The resort is fine. A typical 3-1/2 star in my opinion.