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Breezes Room Selection

Does anybody have a recommendation for a “Garden Room” selection?



hi greg you beat me in asking the question, I see that the beach rooms can be noisy since the 24 hour bar is there.

Bldg 4 is next to the 24 hr bar and can be noisy. We were in Bldg 5 and had no noise issues.


We were in Building 9 which is the closest walking distance to the pool area .The pool is closed at 6pm so there is not a noise problem .

Buildings 10 and 11 are the newest of the bunch, but from what I have read they too are starting to show their age. These rooms have 2 doubles beds as opposed to twin beds in other rooms. They are at the front of the resort and kind of removed from the noise but if you are lucky enough to get a top floor room facing the resort you can see the ocean. We always request rooms in these buildings when we go. Our friend stayed in the villas and they weren’t as nice as our rooms, the villas are rooms from 1000 to 3000.

Just got home, and we had ocean front villa’s (Thanks to Linda the guest services manager) they are very quiet, but are certainly aged!!! Glad we don’t spend much time in the rooms!

ps… keep all your valuables locked up… even when you are sleeping in your room!

Tiggerlish, what room category did you book (superior, regular)? I too have been in contact with Linda at the resort (we are repeat guests) regarding rooms.

I am a bit curious about your PS (valuables)?

Me too.

I booked regular rooms… emailed the head of guest services and made friends… she upgraded my whole family to side by side ocean front villas.

As for valuables… camera’s, laptops, cell phones… several mysterious break in’s… yes with keys the week we were there… my door was opened twice while I was in the room, and my uncle had his blackberry stolen while he was in the room charging it… unlocked the door grabbed what they saw and left.
When investigated the next day and spanish speaking woman answered the phone and had a short chat with Linda before hanging up and not answering again.

We just got home this morning, 3 couples were in building #8 by the pool (quiet, superior rooms), one couple in building #4 (3rd floor on the back facing the pool, no problems, superior), and four more couples in building #11 on the golf course (very quiet, standard rooms). No issues, no problems

we had room 10202 3rd floor building 10, queen beds, quiet everything works.