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Breezes Varadero...yes or no?

Hubby and I are looking at heading to Varadero on Dec 19 to Breezes Varadero. Seems like they were doing some renovations and were to be back open Nov 30th. Does anyone have any recent reviews and do you recommend the resort? We are 7 timers to Varadero so know all the standard things people complain about are not an issue with us but am looking for a little more first hand info on Breezes Varadero.

8 days and counting!!!

There is some new info on the other travel forum site, from someone who is a regular at Breezes Varadero, and just got back yesterday.

We were there last April and enjoyed our stay. We are going back on Jan. 12 and would recommend this resort. What other forum are you talking about as I have been trying to get info on the renovations?

Just a guess, but maybe trip advisor

Yup trip advisor, but no mention of what was done during renovations. Still sounds like the resort is just as good as before.

:slight_smile: Oh, I was hoping for some improvements! ??? :-*

I will know soon enough on Thursday by noon as we land at 9:20am. I will be sure to post an update once back in Ontario on Xmas day…or maybe boxing day.

Looking foward to the sun and fun…regardless of the hotel it seems we always manage to have a great time and have never been disappointed.


Here is the link to the thread on TA about the reno’s at BV:


Thanks for the link. Sounds like they have done a lot of work with more to come. Can’t wait till fly out on Jan. 12!