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Has anyone been here recently?
I was about to book here for the 29th of January, but the most recent reviews are a tad discouraging.

There are a few on TripAdvisor. Some are good, some not. We first went to Breezes in 2004 and after reading some of the reviews was pretty concerned. It was great! No major problems for us. Always enough food, staff were friendly and helpful. Room a bit dated but clean. Pool is terrific. We have been back almost every year and no problems.

We are heading back there this month, reviews are again mixed. I am not going to worry about the reviews. No cooking, no cleaning and sun- it’ll be wonderful!

there last year and booked again early march rooms redone last year love bereezes go enjoy

Thanks… I will!
Group of five, two adults and three teens leaving on the 29th!
17 days till sunshine!!!

Going on the 29th as well…party of 11 of us (kiddies too)

What is your first name tiggerlish??? Maybe we will meet???

Kimarthur… I sent you a private message… there is getting to be a nice little group of us… it is going to be an amazing time!

My last time there was in 2005…I loved it and really have no complaints??? That is why I am choosing to return with others…knowing what to expect is wonderful for us.
Anyone with children??? We have 2 teen boys (15 & 16), 2 pre teen boys (11 &12) & a 7 yr old girl…

One of my friends coming with us is a champion arm wrestler…he represented Canada in the Nationals recently for his class (140lbs I think??)
We are a fun group of people…love to laugh thats for sure…looking forward to seeing others as well!!!

Fun Group + Fun Group+Sun+Beach/Pool+icy drinks=Awesome time!

Unbeatable combination!

Can’t wait to go… now the wait!

I am so jealous, Breezes is my favourite resort and I too am a fun person so I would fit in with the rest of you guys.

Well Sunny… book and join us… $885 total with Nolitours.
I wanted to go Sunquest (better flights etc.) so I had my wonderful TA call them, and Sunquest agreed to match Nolitours price… at a total of $600 off their price… impressive!

The more the merrier!

Come on down Sunny! You should be able to do the wedding and Breezes-You deserve it! I’ll even buy you a drink!

Make sure you take floaties

WHen we went we had probably about 16 people in our group. We “tied” all our floaties together and had one of the guys as the “engine” it was his job to take us around the lazy river.

OMG what a hoot we had…you see there really isn’t much of a current in the “river” so you have to make yourself move.

We will do that for sure… thanks.

Tiggerlish just got back tonight from a week at Breezes and IMHO you will not regret going there. again IMHO it is a 4 star in every aspect with the possible exception of the rooms. it appears they have been spruced up a little, new furniture, etc The bed was very comfortable, but they maybe could could have done a little more there but everything else was great. yes lots of surf at beach but way fun, Food was excellent, And you probably not find anyone more of a fussy eater than me. Pool is fantastic. If you have any other questions would be happy to answer them
Regards and go and enjoy.

Thanks so much.
We are counting down… just one week left!!

You have eased my mind a little all the (-) stuff that we have all heard, I feel that the way you treat someone is the way you should be treated. I have traveled to the DR for 6 years now and have never had a problem, you have to go down with a positive attitude and remember that we are leaving the very cold to enjoy the warmth and a 3rd world country. I just wish that the complainers would stay home and go to there local hotel for the week and let us all enjoy the simple things in life at the DR. Cannot wait I will be there in 34 more days. What block were you in we are suppose to have a ocean view room and was also wondering about the coffee pots in the rooms are they round or cone filters because we bring our own coffee. Any info would be great

To get an ocean view room you would have to be in bld 4-5 0r 6 with 4 being right next to the beach hut. Could be noisy at night if there is something going at beach ie wedding, but that could be fun to eh!. As for coffee makers I believe they take the pouches. I took instant coffee and coffee creamers from home so only used it to heat water sorry.

caribbean lover… I have been emailing the guest services at the hotel… they are very helpful.
If you want to specify where you would like, I would suggest that you try this.
We have asked for 3 rooms together (family) and the 3rd floor as I don’t like people overhead… I am a light sleeper.
The responses have been great, I will let you know in a couple of weeks whether it worked, but I believe that it will!