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Bridesmaid's dresses


Does anyone have any websites to recommend looking at for simple but pretty bridesmaid’s dresses? I am looking for something that is not too expensive, has bright pretty colors and will be comfortable in hot weather. Any help would be appreciated.


My wedding party is having a Hawaiian theme. The girls are going to be wearing a dress similar to this (but short):

My FH is wearing the wedding shirt from the same site, and the company was kind enough to make specialty dresses for the flower girls - same style as the bridesmaids, but in the white material my FH is going to wear. The guys are wearing Hawaiian shirts in the same print as the girls’ dresses. I found the company great to deal with!


The new sears catalogue has some very pretty dresses that bridesmaids could wear.


my fh is wearing the wedding hawian shirt as well from shakatime. its awsome!!! Le Chateau has some really nice, simple and not expensive dresses.



Did you order this long dress and have it altered after you received it to make it short? I like the halter style type dresses. But halter seems like it is only offered in the long dress style.


I have seen a few on David’s Bridal. Really nice for the beach. We might be driving down next weekend.


I got my dress at David’s bridal. They have great dresses for brides, traditional and destination dresses. They have many options for bridesmaids as well. I don’t know if they have any David’s Bridals in Canada but they have many in the U.S.

This is my dress, it’s long


queenhelly your dress looks beautiful. Thanks everyone for the input. If anyone else finds anything later for bridesmaid’s dresses keep us updates.


Try www.Watters.com
Their WTOO collection is affordable and very pretty. You can probably find vendors in your area.


we used J-Crew