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Bringing cd player to Cuba

Our daughter is getting married in Varadero in January and we are wondering if anyone knows whether it’s ok for us to bring an ipod or cd player to play music during the ceremony as well as afterwards. Would we have any trouble at customs bringing something like this into Cuba.
Stephanie :slight_smile:

No problem whatsoever. You can even bring in mini speakers for an IPod or MP3 player.

5 of us going to Varadero in December. With 2 tweenageers and myself we have a laptop, 2 ipods, 2 nintendo DS, cellphone, and an entire bag of photography equipment. Should be a breeze.

We were in Cuba last March, 6 of us, laptop, 3 ipods, 2 ds’s, my cell phone and 2 cameras, a surge protecting power bar and a voltage converter. We weren’t even given a second look. They didn’t even check my laptop, though on leaving they did ask me for the paper they gave me when I took it in, to which I replied… what paper? :-/