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Bringing Cuban cigars to US from Canada


With the mass of Cuban-Americans return to US everyday I wonder is it legal now to carry on a few Cohiba to US from Dorval airport.


My understanding is that it is illegal to bring Cuban rum or cigars into the USA, regardless of what country they come through.


Simple answer is no, it isn’t legal. It doesn’t matter what your nationality is, if you are entering the States with Cuban cigars and they discover them, at Customs, they will be confiscated. A couple of friends did that, coming back from Mexico with a stop over in the States to change planes. One of them thinking that, because he wasn’t actually staying in the States, he would be okay but found out, sadly, that he was not. The cigars were confiscated and broken up in front of him. That was a bit overboard, imo.


Better broken up than the customs officers going home with them. I live on the Canada/US border and have a good friend who smokes Cubans. He was at the border with a full pack of Monte Cristos and they were confiscated by the US customs officers. He asked them to destroy them in front of him because there was no way they were going home with his cigars that he paid for.


take them out of the packaging, take the labels off, they are now Honduran, but still taste just like a Cohiba


Good idea iggy1. With no labels they shouldn’t attract any attention.