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Bringing food into DR

Rented a house in Punta Cana and want to bring in some of my own food. Does anyone know if there are restrictions? I was thinking of bringing in some frozen meat.

I’m not aware of any real restrictions, so long as the meat was purchased in a grocery store and has the label on the package. Just one suggestion. A lot of meat in the DR is imported anyway. We used to hand carry meat to another island destination we used to visit. Don’t pack it in your checked luggage (in case it goes astray, in which case you would want to put it on a leash when found). Pack it in your carry on luggage and be prepared to answer questions, because it looks ‘interesting’ when it goes through the x-ray.

Carrying meat will add alot of extra weight to your carry on of your luggage if you did decide to put it there. Meat is available all over in the DR. I don’t understand why you would go through the hassle?

True. We did this years ago when good meat wasn’t available and the airlines weren’t too sticky about the carry on weight. ::slight_smile:

I am also staying in the DR for about 3 months and was thinking of bringing in meat. If imported meat is readily available, what are the approx costs? Just wondering if it is worth bringing it in. I used to bring it to another island when we went for long periods since the meat (steaks, ground beef etc) was at least triple the price in the US.

3 months in the DR is alot of meat. With the new charges for excess weight with luggage I wouldn’t bother. They would far exceed what you’ll pay for shopping in the DR. There are good places to shop, depending on where you will be staying.

So many expats live in the DR ( and we will be too) that do not import their meat. I’m sure you can find something.

Many thanks…I will be staying in Sosua. Can you give me an idea of cost say for a steak?

I’m not familiar with Sosua. I would suggest you ask questions about shopping and long term stay on the boards at DR1.com.
Lots of those members live there now and I’m sure can answer all your questions. :slight_smile:

No problem bringing meat in, a very good idea to as the meat in the dr is questionable, not to mention tough [ steaks on the barbie ] . I met people who brought in a full suitcase 50lbs they had it frozen solid and packed in styrfoam… They had a early morning take off, connectin flight newark , into puerto plata mid afternoon. No suitcase on arrival, got it next day, i thought for sure it would not be any good, no problem the frost along the outside was off but the steaks were still frozen solid. I should not say no problem bring it in as i really don’t know if it is legal, but your going to the dr so you know if you get caught wink,wink, or the worst you lose the meat…

Good luck with bringing it in. I found the steak in the DR pretty tough and overdone in most cases, but enjoyed everything else.

I got in on Saturday and have had trouble finding meat. Most of it doesn’t seem to be refrigerated properly therefore it looks not so fresh. I will absolutely bring meat when I come back next month. I recommend you bring as much as you can. Good luck.