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Brisas del Caribe

I have heard that the Oasis chain has purchased the Brisas del Caribe (and others) and I was wondering if anyone knew if guests were allowed at the other Oasis resorts in Varadero?
Thanks in advance for any and all replies

I would be interested to know this as well. Are you heading to Brisas del Caribe? We are going on Feb 14… First time to Cuba, can’t wait!

Also if anyone has good room suggestions or anything like that would be nice. It will be my DH and myself and our 6 yr old daughter…and she’s a water girl, just like her mom!

The two times we stayed at Brisas we stayed in room 325 in the old/main bldg you are close to everything overlooking the pool, have fun

We were quite a distance from the main building
near the smaller pool but it was quiet and nice

We were in room 643 in the newer section…it was very nice…a little walking involved but I need that on vacation!

Hmmm… I see they have changed their name to Oasis Brisas Del Caribe. We always stay in Holguin at Brisas Guardalavaca… I haev heard that they have also been sold, but to Gaviota, rather than Oasis…

I wonder why Brisas is selling resorts and if it is all of their resorts…

Brisas Del Caribe was owned by Cubanacan.
It would seem strange that they would sell it.

What was it called in the past?

I’m wondering what this resort is like, i.e.: Will we be scrambling for beach or pool loungers? Do we sign up for a la cartes on the first day only, or every afternoon that we are interested in? Those sorts of things. It would be nice to know what to expect, if possible.

If memory serves me right , you go to the public relations desk and book for the week, depending on the time of day we never had trouble with loungers at the pool or beach

A group of 6 of us are heading to Oasis Brisa Del Caribe on the 17th. As a group, when we booked it, we didn’t know that the Al-a-cartes were closed. Our agent told the person that booked for us and she said we would make the best of it. What the heck, apparently there is 8 bars! The fact that there isn’t a swim up bar is no big deal as it will save room in my suitcase because I was going to bring my water wings and snorkel in case I went down! lol I then found out a few days later that the resort had been bought up by the Globalia/Oasis chain and that effective Jan. 1st they would be taking over. I was a little frightened at first, but figured that they would be going out of their way to make people enjoy their stay. This will be the first trip for my wife and I to Cuba and some of the reviews are a little unsettling. Any tips out there would be appreciated. See you on the 17th cubicquinn!

If the ala cartes are closed that brings the number of bars down to 5, 2 Lobby Bars, 1 Pool Bar, Buffet and 24hr Cafeteria in new section, it’s a trick question they use in the quiz game

Hey I didn’t know the a la cartes are scheduled to be closed during that time!!! How did you come to find this out, candyman? I’ll need to check it out…not that I can change it, if that is the case. Oh, well, we’ll roll with it and enjoy our trip, in spite of this minor setback! It’s our first trip to Cuba, as well. 2 more weeks…sigh

If you go on the site for Brisas Del Caribe, and click the line that says "Things you need to know before traveling"it will tell you.

This is the info I got from the signature Vacations site. I just copied and pasted.

Need to Know Information

(Dec27/2007)(14:30EST)(CC)(VRA436364)Please be advised of the following:
The hotel will now be offering all dining options in the a la carte Restaurant Fantasia as both the Las Brisas and Grill restaurant have been closed.

Oh, well, at least one is still open!

Yeah, so I guess we won’t starve. Has anyone out there been to Oasis Brisas Del Caribe most recently that can update us on the changes at this resort. Is there 24 hour snacks or snack bar available? Has anyone tried the room service that they advertise? Thanks in advance for input.
Confectionately, the Candyman

[quote author=mr board=Cuba thread=1200452370 post=1201546049]Brisas Del Caribe was owned by Cubanacan.
It would seem strange that they would sell it.

I heard through the grapevine that Brisas Guardalavaca, owned by Cubanacan also, is now under the ownership of Gaviota… anyone heard of any of the other Brisas chain being sold off?

It was simply called Brisas del Caribe… now it is Oasis Brisas del Caribe.