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Brisas guadalavaca

anyone have any recent news as to what shape the hotel and facilities are in

Got this message from someone on TA. He just got back Thursday Nov 13th.
Im planning on gong in February, looks like things will be good.

Hello All

Back from Brisas last night. Paloma turned out to be just 50 - 70 mph and a lot of heavy rain. No real (new) damage. Villas are perfect and all repairs completed. Hotel now being finished with a new roof and does look like December re-opening on track. Diso and alacarts open and spotless. All Hotel windows and damage repaired and now just the roof tiles.

Few trees knocked down but being replaced. Brisas beach is perfect and the trees knocked down are being cleaned up and replaced with re-planted full grown trees.

Public beach receiving about 50 dump truck loads of sand a day and looks like it will be finished in a day or two.

If you have room in your suit case, large (16 x 32) tarps and rope sure could be used in town. Walk up and over the blue bridge, follow the sidewalk and you’ll see the houses needing the tarps.

Found it Jayneb :slight_smile: thanks. I have heard from the public relations there as well. Things are going very good I’m told.

Did you happen to go down to Club Amigo? If you did, could you send me info on this? My wife and I want to go back in April. We were there last year and had a great time. Very interested to know what condition the resort is in. Good deals on trips ther right now. Thankyou in advance!!!