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Brisas Guardalavaca question

I just booked a trip for Brisas Guardalavaca for early March. I am wondering if anyone on this forum has just returned from that resort as I have a couple of questions:

  • Will I be able to readily find a shaded area on the beach each day? I know the trees took a hit during the last hurricane so wonder what the situation is right now. One of the things I was most impressed with last February was the fact that beach chairs seemed to be readily available all day long (and there were lots of shaded areas to sit in)

  • Is the hotel section fully functioning now? I was able to book a hotel room (my preference over the villas) so I assume that the hotel section is up and running

  • Are both buffets in operation now? Are there still two a la carte restaurants?

  • Is there anything else new or interesting or different about this resort over the past few months?

Thanks in advance for any information you have to share.

I’m heading there Feb 8th. Will be glad to fill you in when I get back. We did receive info from the hotel that everything is up a running. I know someone that left today to go there as well.
Stay tuned next week and I might have more answersl.

Thanks jayneb - any info you can find out will be appreciated.

Amigo next door is fully functional.
The big shade trees are ok for the most part and they are working on minor landscaping.