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Brisas Santa Lucia - Any news?

wondering if anyone is back yet (or can post from the resort) I believe it reopened Nov. 1st ? Would love to hear from you!

We were there in March and are returning Nov. 27th (found a great deal…too good to pass up) … praying this new hurricane stays clear.

We are leaving for Brisas Santa Lucia next Thursday, and I was hoping to see a recent review as well as news of the hurricane.

please post when you return - as of now (noon) things are not looking good for Camaguay

Just wondering if you’re back yet ??
What’s the scoop on Santa Lucia ?

:slight_smile: I have been in touch with someone from Santa Lucia who works at one of the resorts and he says things are pretty much back to normal. There is a few less trees but the resorts are in fine shape. The fruits and vegetable are not quite so plentiful but other than that everyone can go expecting to have a great time. Don;t worry and have a wonderful trip. :sunglasses:

On Trip Advisor, a frequent visitor to Santa Lucia has just returned. She visited Brisas, although she didn’t stay there, and posted that they are still doing renos, and that everyone looked happy.
I’ve also been in touch with folks in Santa Lucia and they tell me that everything is indeed back to normal.
I’m sure you’ll have a great time!