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Brisas Santa Lucia Room Request

Just curious if anyone has insight as to what room or block of rooms to request for this resort?
I want good a/c and nice washroom in the room. I have read a few reviews but am not sure what to tell my agent or the resort once I arrive.
Please advise!

We just returned home from the Brisas today. We requested a 2nd story ocean view room via email and we assigned just that - in building 5. It was a very central location. The beach was in front, the snack bar and pool to the side, entertainment stage close and the buffet restaurant about a 1 minute walk. You could hear the entertainment at night but that was it. We were usually tired enough that if we didn’t make the show, the noise didn’t stop of from sleeping! Others have written that buildings 3, 4 and 5 are the best. We didn’t have any problems with the air conditioning - actually had to readjust the thermostat it was so cold. The washroom was adequate - clean, but old - not sure what you mean by a nice washroom but it certainly provided what a washroom usually does - including a bidet!

Thanks so much for your reply! I will make sure I ask for either of those blocks!
Did you email the resort directly? If so, how do you do that? Do you have their email address that I could possibly have and a contact name?

This is the email I used:


Thanks so much! I will email them a little closer to my date of arrival! I appreciate you help!!


Hi there,
Did you have any trouble with warm water in block 5 this year? We had trouble last year in that block, but we stuck it out … just had to prepare ourselves for our lukewarm (at best) shower each morning. We agree though … that block is situated in a good spot.
We are returning again the end of March. How far ahead of time did you submit your room request?
Glad you had a great time. We’re excited to go back this year!!

No, we had no trouble with not having hot water - actually it could be too hot! We always showered in the late afternoon. Maybe the hot water was scarce in the morning because of lots of people showering? I submitted the room request about two weeks prior to arrival. Have a great time - we wish we were still there! It is a great resort.