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Brisas Santa Lucia

I just booked Brisas for myself and my teen daughter for Feb 19-26. Anyone have any suggestions as to good excursions, food, drinks, anything about this resort? We are so excited - can’t wait!

Haven’t been to Brisas, but there is pretty decent snorkelling off the beach in front of Caracol…swim out about 5 minutes, there are some rocks and coral, lots of fish. Also quite a bit to be seen around the piers. You can take a snorkelling tour to the reef. Sailing on the Hobie cats is good at Santa Lucia. If you want to sightsee locally, look for Pepe. He drives a carriage with a sombrero on top. He’ll take you around Santa Lucia or to Cocoa Beach for a reasonable price. Some people like to take the “last day, Camaguay” tour that drops you off at the airport…

The catamaran trip to Iguana Island was quite nice.

Check out the Luna Mar Restaurante. It’s close to the beach, west of Brisas, just past the pier restaurant (or just past where the pier restaurant used to be… I heard it got washed away in the hurricane). It’s a short walk, you can get there by road or beach.

I haven’t been there since February 2006, but at the time I grew tired of the resort food and Luna Mar saved my life. They focus on Italian cuisine and make a fantastic Margarita pizza, $3 CUC.

The restaurant is really nice inside and the view from the patio is great.

Great, thanks for the info. We will most definately check out the Luna Mar Restaurant as I usually also tend to grow tired of the resort food as well. Nice to have a second option with a good review!

As Eeeefarms points out, the snorkeling just off the beach at Caracol is quite good, and the beach is great for walking.

The flamingo tour/Iguana island is one of my favorite tours when in Santa Lucia. Nice relaxing day on the catamaran with snorkelling, a stop at the starfish colony, and a wonderul Cuban lunch on Iguana island. Dance lessons on the cat of course!

If you enjoy history, try to fit in a day in Camaguey. There is also horseback riding on the beach, and trips to coco beach. Coco beach is beautiful, and the sunsets there are amazing.

One of the entertainers at Brisas (he moved there from Caracol) is lots of fun. His name is Leo, and he’ll keep all of you busy.

You might want to check out Trip Advisor. Lots of info on the forum for Camaguey.

have a great trip, Santa Lucia is a very special place, with wonderful people who make you feel at home.