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Brisas Sierra Mar Santiago - Cigars and Rum

Having only been to Holguin and Cayo Coco, not sure if it is better to purchase these at the hotel or the airport. Only looking to purchase a dozen or so cigars, probably Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta and 4 bottles of rum.
Not sure it the better selection will be at the hotel or airport and what the cost difference will be.
Thanks for any help.

The airport has a good selection but remember, it’s Cuba, they run out of stuff. When you go to Santiago on a day trip, there are two cigar stores in the main square (Parque Cespedes), one at street level below the Casa Grande and one at street level below the Cathedral. Because they are goverment Casa del Habano stores, the prices will be the same. I’ve gone to those stores and they had limited selection, other times they had tons. You never know. Rum at Sierra Mar is the same price as at the airport. I suggest Ron Santiago, the Anejo, and also Ron Caney Anejo. My own feeling is it’s a waste of time buying Havana Club as I can get that in Canada - I like the rare and unusual stuff. See the thread on Favourite Cuban Rums - lots of suggestions!

we were there for new years… and found the Rum supply at the airport was lacking… should have bought it in Santiago

Did get a bottle of Ron Anejo and one Ron Santiago Anejo Superior.