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Brisas sierra Mar

Going there Feb. 19th for the first time - normally go to Holguin but looking for a change.
My question is, what is in the area that we should see? Is there a town we can walk to? What tours should we take?
And finally, is there a specific room or room block/area that we should request? I heard that we should request a room with a fridge?
Thanks for every ones help.

Hi Lisa, this is a wonderful hotel beautifully situated. You will never grow tired of the beautiful view. You are in the middle of nowhere, but cabs are available to take you to Chivirico (1/2 hr away) and bus tours are available to Santiago (1.5 hrs away, but maybe less time now that they have improved the roads). Ask for floors 1-5, as 6-8 are upper level and it’s a hike to the beach.

here’s a tip on requesting a fridge. If you go to the front desk and order some bottled water or sodas for your room, they will include the fridge. Unfortunately, they are now charging for the safety deposit box, 2 pesos a day, which was never done before. But worth it - when you arrive, put your passport and 25 CUC per person in your passport and be ready for the trip home. So many people forget the departure tax! :wink:

I’m wondering if you would be willing to take a ltr from me, and a little gift - nothing evil, just a tie and a grocery bag. I could mail it to you if you don’t mind. But don’t feel pressure, I know I’m a stranger ! :wink:

Thanks for your reply - I feel so much better about going now. It was between this place and the Brisas Santa Lucia, Camaguey but this one was pulling us to it!
Please check you PM for my address…

Fantastic! Thanks! Be sure to attend the pig roast (I think it’s Thursdays but check) down at the Ranchon restaurant - they have a huge roast pig, a band, and lots of dancers. Oh great, now I’m drooling for roast pork…

All of the rooms face outwards towards the ocean but if you can, request a room in the 220 to 420 and up range. They have the clearest view. I have had a room fridge in the past but did not find it was worth the hydro to use as I just use the provided thermos to keep ice water in my room and I always pack a couple each of travel thermos/mugs for keeping juice etc cooled.
There are many different excursions available for varying costs from the resort, by bus or by boat. The challenge will be deciding which ones to take. lol So check out what is offered both at the information desk in the lobby as well as at the dive shop on the beach.
There will be an information session the morning after you arrive and especially as it is the first time to this resort could be very informative and beneficial to attend. Day activities are posted in the lobby that included morning walks or hikes in the surrounding area.
Bring extra batteries for your camera as this area is very photogenic and be sure to catch the sunset. It is incredibly beautiful.

Kaas and eloisegirl you are making me homesick. We have commitments at the other end of the island, so it doen’t look like we will be at Sierra Mar/Los Galeones this winter. My brother went this year for New Year’s and really enjoyed it. LisaW you will love the staff they are the best.

Kaas I will defintely bring extra batteries for my camera. Ca anyone tell me if I also need to bring and adaptor for my battery charger?
We are so looking forward to going - you have all given it such great reviews.
Thank you all for your responses.

We had 2 110 plugs in our room… one in the hairdryer in the bathroom, and one behind the TV

New years was great at the BSM… met a number of people who have been going for many years and one gentleman who stays there from Nov to April

We really enjoyed the morning walks

We just got back from BSM and it was as fantastic as ever. I miss it already and I have only been home for 4 days. Weather was great too.
We always have a room on the 6th floor and love it there. Yes, it is a bit of a walk up the stairs but the exercise is good for us and the view is absolutely fantastic with both mountain and ocean view. We had a fridge last year but hardly used it.
I love the early morning walks with Anthony or Ernesto, very informative. A trip into Santiago is well worth it if you have the time, just be aware that it is a long and bumpy ride. Also, we loved the moped tour into Chivirico.
BTW, the Cuban party and pig roast is on Wednesdays at lunch time at the beach restaurant, lots of fun