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Brit abroad

Hi everyone.
I’m new to forums so please treat me gently. I’ll start adding pictures and images when I get the hang of it.

I’ll be 60 in January and planning to come over for 2 weeks to Sousa area to look for a place to retire to, where I can write, swim, play tennis and help locally as I have difficulty doing nothing. My wife and I have scoured the world looking somewhere warm to live to avoid cold damp days. DR appears to have everything we are looking for especially property prices, BUT we have never been to DR and would welcome any advice on what we should do or not do, where to look, which is the best part of the island, which has least rain etc etc?
I hope this question is appropriate for this site. If not could someone suggest the best way of gaining this information?

It’s certainly not inappropriate, but the majoriy of our posters are more oriented to the all inclusive resort packages. That said, I don’t mean all of them, so you’ll likely get some good responses.
You might also try asking your question on DR1.

Many ex pats try to live in the Dominican Republic before buying, a six month rental or a year rental is the way the usually go. You will find much more info on this link