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Brugal Rum from the LCBO


Anyone had the pleasure (or maybe not) of trying Brugal Gold Label Rum? It’s the only Brugal available here at the LCBO in certain stores. It says enjoy in mixed drinks or desserts like flambee bananas. Enjoy Brugal Extra Viego but this one sounds like it’s not even close in quality. A 750 ml bottle is $21.90 CDN. Anyone out there tried this? Thanks for any replies.


The way I hear it:
"The Brugal Carta Dorada (Gold Label) bottles at the LCBO actually contain Brugal Añejo rum. If and when they stock Brugal Añejo, the bottles will contain Brugal Extra Viejo rum. Añejo and Extra Viejo (in the bottles described) are the only two products available in Canada at this time. This information comes from the Canadian agent in Toronto."
You can find this quote and a discussion thread if you do a search for the words ‘LCBO’ and ‘Brugal’. It goes back a ways in dates (about a year) so you’ll have to open up the search period from the default 10 days.
I didn’t find it that way. I just had finished a bottle that I brought back and then tried the one from the LCBO. Maybe I got a bad bottle …


Bob, I hope you have a better vintage set aside for your birthday :slight_smile: Have a wonderful day …


Absolutely! I have some of the real stuff!
Gracias Amigo.

After looking at your profile, make that ‘Gracias Amiga’


Don’t you hate those non-gender specific names? lol


BobFromCanada. Thanks for the information, tried doing a search but only went back three months and had no luck. The “maybe I got a bad bottle” quote says it all. :slight_smile:


It’s an old thread. You have to go back at least a year. I think the first post (remaining that is) is Nov 9, 2004.