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BTBCF Announcement

I would like to welcome our own Barriebrian as a new director of our foundation. I know he will be a great addition in assissting the “kids”

For those who are not aware, Wud and I are stepping down at the end of the year, after a very rewarding 9-10 years. At the directors meeting at the fiesta, Carolyne aka Sunseeker is now our secretary and effective Jan. 1 2014 Bryan Brown aka Bryan will be the new Vice President. I would like to thank both of them for stepping up to the plate for the foundation. Our search for a new treasurer should be announced in the next few weeks. Thanks to Wuds lovely wife Heather for looking after our books for the last few years.

Thanks again to all those who attended the fiesta and contributed to us raising roughly $2,500.00 of which all goes to the charities and orphanges we support.

Chris Willott.

We may be stepping up to the plate but you all are leaving very big shoes to fill. You all will be missed but I’m happy I have your email address and can check in for guidance from time to time.

I hope we make you all proud!

Woot woot ! Congratulations Barriebrian, Sunseeker(Carolyne) & Bryan in your new roles.! The Foundation will be in good hands !!

Welcome to the Board of Directors Barriebrian, Sunseeker for taking on the Secretary position and Bryan for stepping into the VP role when Chris retires - I’m sure Wud and Captain2002 will be more than happy to give guidance and advice where needed. I will also help you as much as I can…


[strong]Congratulations to the new directors[/strong] and secretary and special thanks to those current directors (especially Chris) who worked so hard to assure the dreams that they started will continue to be maintained  in the future…

Great additions to a great organization!

Congrats everyone !!!

Hope I can carry the mantra that Greg Andrews did, and continue his vision.

Thanks for the words of congratulations. We have some big shoes to fill for sure.