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BTBCF helps Orphanage in Higuey

El Mundo Mejor Orphanage in Higuey today were the recipients of a new ventilation fan for the dormitory, courtesy of BTBCF and it was install by the Domingo’s (Rod and Rachel) and Mikefisher, kudo’s to them for their time and hard work.

Also when they visited prior to the ventilation fan installation they found the juicer blender was broken and replaced it with a new Oster juicer so these orphan boys can have fresh orange juice every day.

We thank all our supporters for their assistance, without you we could not spend these dollars where they are needed.

Special thanks again to the Domingo’s and Mike Fisher.

A good project that, as Wud said, was only able to be done because of your support!

Thank you everyone - I’m sure these 2 items will help the boys at the orphanage.

Thanks to the Domingo’s for doing the installation and Mike Fisher for picking up the items - which he got at a discount after telling them where they were going to be used… everyone helping!

Nice work Mike and R&R!

I guess there are so many practical things the kids need that we never think of, I’m sure this will be a great help.

Presidentejay :sunglasses:

Hi there!
Just joined the site, but had visited it before we went on vacation to the Dominican (February 13-21). My husband and I wanted to let you guys know that we really appreciated the opportunity you gave us to bring donations for the orphanage in Higuey. We contacted Mike through your site and set up a meeting time. It went very smoothly. Thanks again guys and thanks Mike for meeting with us. We hope the kids enjoy everything!

Gail and Harley :slight_smile:

The fan has been installed the boys can now enjoy the comforts of a fan and fresh fruit drinks for breakfast with the new blender.

Hats off to MikeFisher, Rod for the delivering and installing the fan and BTBCF for paying for the items.

Yes there are many things we do not think of.

MikeFisher mentioned one thing I had never thought of and that was we seldon don’t think of the older and taller boys such as the ones who wear size 10 or 11 shoes. I am certain there are many more we do not think of.

Thank you…

Rod & Rachel - thank you so much for getting the fan installed and the blender.

Hopefully someone coming down will have some shoes they can donate… we will have to remember to remind tourists of this need.

Were you able to get photos to share?