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BTBCF Scholarship


It is with great pleasure that we at B.T.B.C.F. announce we have now have a scholarship program.

In 2010 while touring a Dream School in Cabarete with my wife Nenita, Catharine, and Jon of Dream she suggested a scholarship. Well It’s taken 18 months but it is now in place.

The scholarship winner is a young lady by the name of Katherine Sanchez. She graduated at the top of her class with grades of between 90 and 98 in her high school years. She was head and shoulders above all the other students, and was chosen by Catherine De Laura and Jon Wunderlich of The Dream Project.
They are in the paperwork process to register her at UTSA close to Puerto Plata where she will be studying accounting. We have committed to $2,000.00 per year until she graduates in either a 3 or 4 year course.

Olive and I will have the opportunity to meet her next winter when we are in the POP area. We have asked that she keeps in contact with Catharine and Jon and copy us as she progresses in her studies.

I believe that this could be the start to something even larger as we grow as an organization.

So for those who were at this past weekends Fiesta in Cobourg Ontario, or those who participate in our online auction, or those who donate for the vacation Giveaway vouchers your donations will help this young lady get a great start in life, something that allot of children cannot even dream of. (No pun intended)

Regards, Chris Willott.



Great work and an even wonderful idea.


It is ONLY thanks to the wonderful people who support us that we can do these great things for the people of the Dominican Republic!

There are lots of organizations who also help and we wish them every success because, the more people working toward the goal of helping the children, the better!!!

Olive Thompson, President
Beyond the Beach Children`s Foundation


Great work, guys.
BTBCF is a pretty special outfit and it shows the determination of the board/members though good works like this.


I started a thread on DR1 about our scholarship, Wud added pictures and now member had pledged $100.00 per year to add to our donation.


Wow very nice…

Tx for the photos and to the donor from Dr1.


Thnaks as well from the donor from DR1…much appreciated.


Received from Dream today.


Good News!! Katherine registered today. There was a small problem with her documents, but we were able to get her registered in UTESA in Puerto Plata. Her documents issue should be all solved before next semester. She is super-excited. She took a pyschology/interests test today to determine what she should study, but she is interested in accounting. She starts classes next monday.

We will keep you updated. And I am asking her to write down some offer experiences to share with you.

Again thanks a lot. We are super-proud to be able to work with you all and make this a reality. This is what I was trying to say in the newsletter.



As received from Jon this morning:

I am sitting with our lovely scholarship recipient Katherine and thought I would give you a quick update to share with our friends at Beyond the Beach:

[i]Katherine hit a brief speed bump with a administrative mishap at her registration the first week of September (so strange, that never happens in the DR!). As the responsible, take charge young woman that Katherine is, she had a local lawyer file everything and straighten the problem out. So, Katherine went to her first University class Saturday, the 17th of September, starting with Mathematics 101, then Principals of Administration, Spanish Language 101 and Public Accounting, a full day.

Katherine was nervous! 50 other students were in her first class, but she says after the initial shock wore off, she was learning what interests her most and that was all that mattered. The rest of the day was great, she met a few new friends and was surprised at how different University professors are. She felt like more of an equal, respected and impressed that the material was the focus, nothing else, everyone was there to learn. She already has some study mates and is preparing for exams the second week in December. One of our DREAM Montessori teachers Danilsi is in one class with her, so that was also a relief. She is now entering her third week and doing very well, perfect attendance and ready for her first tests this coming week.

She did want me to express her profound thanks to all of you at BTBF. You were all simply the difference between her continuing her education or not. I got a little misty and spoke of how we met, how BTBF changed DREAM my first year and how we look at all of you as a group of our founders. I think it is important that she understands who Greg was, how relentless he was in looking for support and how much he cared about making the lives of our kids better. I was proud to explain all of this to her in more detail and she is excited to catch up with you and Dot this winter. She is a very special person and I am proud to be a small part of all of this coming together. Greg would be honored.[/i]




Thank you for the update.

Seems like Katherine is on to a great start.

We wish her all the luck!

Hope you are all injoying yourselves :sunglasses:


This is a great story, education equals success.



Here is an update on our scholarship winner. :smiley:

Katherine Sanchez is the holder of the Beyond the Beach Scholarship. She is in her 4th semester at UTESA and her grades are excellent. Below are her grades from the 3rd semester in Summer 2012.
Currently she is taking the following courses: Spanish Language IV, IV Accounting, Office, Professional Ethics, Mathematics II, Microeconomics, English II.

Katherine was an A Ganar student with DREAM in our first session in the spring of 2011. She stood out and received the Outstanding Student Award in her group. A Ganar is a youth workforce development program that partners with local businesses to place the graduates in local businesses. A local partner of DREAM, Carib Wind, reached out to me for a office worker last month and I recommended Katherine. They hired her and they are very happy. So Katherine is currently getting experience in her field of accounting. To go along with the new job and excellent university work, the BTB Scholarship just purchased her a new laptop computer. See attached photos of her receiving the computer. She is super-excited about access to doing her work more efficiently and improving her computer skills. She sends a large hug to everyone at BTB.


It really was a pleasure to meet Katherine at our last Meet & Greet. I am looking forward to seeing her again early February to present the next $2,000 US for her next year.

Remember, one of our large fundraisers is our voucher for a Dream Vacation - 1 week all-inclusive for 2 in Punta Cana… Draw is December 31st so, if you would like a chance to win AND to help the children of the Dominican Republic, please send for a voucher!!