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BTBCF vacation draw


For those who have purchased tickets before, I am in contact with the Melia to see if they will donate a week at their resort in Punta Cana as the Majestic Colonial has since rescinded their donation to our charity.
Brooklin is doing the same with the Gran Bahia chain.


It will be great to know which resort we will all try on our next trips. Let’s see who steps up.


Yeah, I hear you. It (Majestic) went down ‘a few positions’ on my where I want to stay list …  :frowning:


Melia has stepped up for us. BTBCF members please see the website for details.


great… which website nothing on BTB website?


It’s on the fiesta committee website and it appears to still be a work in progress. That’s probably why BTBCF members were referenced and not the general audience. It’s good news but there still appears to be a few minor details to sort out. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


BFC was correct - I’ve since had the thread moved to the Director’s Forum as there are lots of things to discuss before we can release information…

We will let everyone know as soon as we can.

Thank you for your past support and hopefully we can ask for your support soon again!


All directors, please go to the proboards and vote your opinion asap or we will decide without you. This is time sensitive. All for the kids.


Should have good news for you all soon. Please be patient while we work out the details.


darn, first year I haven’t been able to purchase any :frowning:


Does anyone know of a printer who will donate or be cheapie cheapie to make raffle tickets to help out the kids?


Ladies and Gentlemen…tickets will be available in the very near future for a donation of $10 for an all inclusive trip for 2 to the Melia Caribe tropical in Punta Cana for 7 days.
Trip to be drawn on Canada Day July 1 2015. Trip to be taken between Aug 15-Dec 15, 2015. Yes it’s short notice, but hey it’s for the kids.


Great job guys, glad to have it back again…


Woot, Woot!! Let’s get busy …


Just back online IE crashed and I ended up having to uninstall it and install Firefox and have just found the url for these forums again.

As I asked in the BTBCF committee website "What winning ticket"
I no longer have access to the Directors portion so when the original po was moved I no longer was no longer in the loop.

dot asked me in an email about my printer contact who has since moved to Florida, so I could not help with the printing other than provide the original Majestic template.

Someone from the Foundation should start a new thread about the draw on the Committee forum section.

I then can add details to www.beyondthebeach.ca


Wud you no longer have access to the directors forum because you are not a director. Please look and you will see things about the draw posted on both here and the committee forum.


I know that, I will look in the committee forum, Thanks!