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Btbcf Vouchers


Dream Vacation vouchers are still available,

details are here


If you are in Canada you can send an email transfer of funds $10 per voucher to treasurer@beyondthebeach.ca along with your name and address and a security answer" thekids "or by regular Mail to Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation c/o PO Box 1444 Blenheim On N0P 1A0 if by regular Mail include your name, address and email address along with a check or money order payable to Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation $10 per voucher and I will email your vouchers to you in Adobe .pdf format


Yes they are still available, follow the directions in the above post.


Just a reminder - the draw will be on Dec. 31st - 6 weeks from tomorrow… you could be the winner if you have a voucher but, all vouchers are winners as proceeds are going to children’s charities in the Dominican.

This is one of our biggest fundraisers and you can help!!!



I sent ours back yesterday, let the phone ring alot when you call me NYE!


OK… you are very hopeful


Vouchers are still available



Instructions are in response #1