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Bubba Mugs


Want to advise everyone that this week, Canadian Tire has Bubba Mugs on sale. Big ones $9.99 (reg. 19.99) and medium size $5.99 (reg. 9.99) Neat colours and no, I do not work for Canadian Tire, just like to keep my drinks cold as I know many forum readers like to do.


I got mine last time they were on sale. I got the one of each.


I just picked mine up last weekend at the Pro Bass Shop for $12.99.
Can’t wait to put it into use. ;D ;D ;D


They are also on sale at Dominion!!!



Could you please tell my why Canadians drink from these huge mugs?
I’ve seen it loads of times, all over the caribbean and it’s always puzzled me :o


First of all they are thermal and keep your drink hot/cold for extended periods of time. Secondly, and my personal reason, I am on vacation and wish to expend the least amount of energy possible. With a biga$$ Bubba Cup, it means less trips to the bar and that helps me accomplish my goal!!

At home we often use them for coffee, in the tropics - beer, pop or other cocktails. It’s the 7-11 mentality, if a Big Gulp is good, a Super Big Gulp is better…lol.


They’re also good for cutting down on the disposable glasses that are used on the beach.



LOL cheers


:smiley: Sooooooooo Canadians are lazy with big mouths ;D ;D ;D


Canadians are efficient and environment conscious. The bubba also makes and excellent ice water jug.


That’s right Brenda!!! I had Ice water put in mine every morning and it lasted till supper time still cold if I never drank it!!

Ohh, I’m a Newfie and usually we have the biggest mouths!!! (LOL)



Hey Cin- I’m right behind you in that department - I’m a Newfie too!!!

Yes, my bubba cup is full of ice water until at least noon… REALLY! ::slight_smile: I don’t have the “giant” one… kidneys aren’t that big. Ha! Ha!

I really like it on the beach because the blowing sand isn’t going to get into whatever I have in the mug… keeps cold longer so you can sip instead of downing it before the ice melts and it gets “watered” down. Of course, if you are drinking “whatever” & water, it doesn’t matter… ;D ;D ;D

We always decorate ours and leave them with a bartender when we leave.


I used my Bubba Mug for coffee in the morning and in the afternoon had it filled with ice like some of you did and the ice lasted for the rest of the day. It was great, you didn’t have to fill up as often with whatever it was you were drinking.

I’m thinking that if they had the equivalent of the Bubba Mug in other countries, Canadians might not be the only ones seen utilizing that type of drinking item. Then not just Canadians, but other tourists would be considered efficient and environmentally conscious as well. Eh?


I’m with Kaki, I use one mug for a two week vacation as opposed to hundreds of those plastic disposable glasses. I like to think that I am contributing to the environment by sparing a landfill from those glasses, not being a lazy, beer guzzling big mouth. I fail to see the point of going to the bar for a glass of water in one of those glasses that is gone before you even get back to your seat when you can fill up the mug in the morning and it lasts until lunch time. I too leave mine behind to who ever asks for it first.


I really do hope the British humour (shown by the emoticons) did not go over some posters heads.

No offense meant


Rayleeds I wasn’t offended, I haven’t mastered the smiley faces sorry if it came off that way. BTW, I love the British humour.


I wasn’t offended either, I actually saw the humour in some of the posts.(I hope I wasn’t rude, didn’t mean to be if that’s the way I came across)