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Bubba time again?

Now that the Canada to Cuba exodus (sort of) has started in earnest, perhaps it is time to review the “bubba” thread again.

Why, please don’t. This is one topic imho that has been beaten to death

It’s a good read actually. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t carry one around with me, I can see the use for one in the room… morning coffee, water, ice, soft drinks for the kids. I may just break down and purchase one!

found a new use for the bubba - washing my puppy’s feet once the mud starts to run in the spring :wink: ;D

I’m inclined to agree with Slew!

My “absolutely hate those mega Bubbas” aversion was caused by an incident at a resort a couple of years ago. A very intoxicated and rather obnoxious guest dropped his mega Bubba on my lounge chair bathing me in beer and soaking my belongings, which reeked of beer for days. Thankfully my digital camera was still in its underwater housing when it happened. Had my camera been damaged, I would probably have strangled the guy! To this day, if I see anyone with one of those buckets, I make a big detour around them.

I have no problem however with a more modest size thermal mug which I consider to be environmentally responsible. One thing you will never be able to convince me to buy is a mega Bubba.

Mega Bubba…no I wouldn’t do that either.
But a normal size bubba keg (20oz) is what I used. I have found it to be the best brand at keeping things cold.

[quote author=yvrck board=Cuba thread=1202676257 post=1202706797]

A very intoxicated and rather obnoxious guest dropped his mega Bubba[/quote]

Bubbas do not make the person, IMO. Unfortunately, the drunk and obnoxious type of guests don’t necessarily come attached to a Bubba. There were some, at BJ, who did quite well with the little plastic glasses >:(

When you’re on the receiving end of an unexpected beer bath, there’s a huge difference between the guest with the 6 ounce plastic cup full of beer and the 52 ounce bucket of beer. >:(

Thanks cb13 for letting me know that you’ve found the Bubba brand is the best for keeping drinks cold. I’m sticking with Thermos and Aladdin brands for now.

I think the 20oz Bubba is perfect. I fill it up with water in the am, and later fill it with the drink of choice. Sure makes for fewer trips to the bar when you’re trying to catch sume rays. The extra large ones are great to use as a “fridge” for coke, if you want to make your own drinks in your room, and it’s great for keeping ice a little longer than usual. Just my opinion though.

MrsGambitt, you hit the nail on the head… we use our Mega Bubba for a “portable” fridge. Either ice water or mix.

I read about taking thermal cups on this site.

My husband and I walked the beach to the west (?) as the sun was going down and when I saw all the discarded plastic glasses shining in the sun I had to think that:

a) there are alot of really lazy people who couldn’t be bothered finding a garbage can of which there were many.

b)any large drink containers brought from home would save alot of plastic cups and their mess

c) “bubbas” would save many trips to the bars!!

We will be taking our own version of the “bubba” when we return to Cuba or any AI

I always take thermal mugs and a few spares to give to new friends on the trip, with the explicit order they MUST give it to a Cuban when they leave. BTW, I am the crotchety middle-aged broad grumbling up and down the beach picking up the cups and giving the hairy eyeball to anyone who thinks it is acceptable to litter on the beach of a country where we are guests.

Last year we had many workers asking if they could have our bubbas - so we left them

And Eloise, I agree with you…some people are just rude. The first tim we ever went to Cuba at the Tryp Cayo Coco, there were people using the swim up bar and leaving the plastic cups along the edge of the pool and of course they fell/blew into the pool, I was taking them out - didn’t need my kid swimming with that stuff. There were garbage cans around, or take it back to the swim up bar when u r done. People should have more respect - you wouldn’t throw plastic cups around your friends place if you were visiting…so why should you there as a guest.

The other thing that grinds my corn about those plastic cups is that if they go into the pool, and get caught in the filter, it may damage the filter and you’ll be swimming in icky water, or worse, they will have to close the pool. Actions have consequences - who knew?

On our last trip, we met a couple from the UK who we became friendly with and they could not get enough of those bubbas. I even ‘sacrifised’ my bubba so that our new found male friend can keep up with hubby, as I am not much of a drinker. We left our bubbas to them when we were leaving as they had another week to go. They were suppose to stay with the bartenders afterwards.

In today’s Cdn Tire Flyer they are selling the Sports 52 oz Bubbas for $6.99.

They show a football one and a golfball one, not sure if there are any other styles.

And I’m the grumpy *itch following her ranting about the cigarette butts. (and I am a smoker) I take my first drink of the day in a small plastic cup - then I fill 1/2 the cup with sand and use as an ash tray until the end of the day, when I take the whole thing and throw it away.

[quote author=thetraveller board=Cuba thread=1202676257 post=1204299104]In today’s Cdn Tire Flyer they are selling the Sports 52 oz Bubbas for $6.99.

They show a football one and a golfball one, not sure if there are any other styles.


My damn store has none of them!!! And I leave in two weeks…damn

I wish I had the problem of deciding to take my mega bubba or my mini bubba. Unfortunatley I’ll be using my bubba to scoop snow out of my driveway. To yvrck, like in everything it only takes one (or two) to give everyone a bad name. I like the mega as a thermol pitch of beer while at the beach so we don’t have to continually run to the bar and waste all those plastic glass’s. The personal bubba (someone mentioned a 20 oz one)is nice around the pool. How many times has your little plastic cup spilled because a little gust of wind blew in and the cup went flying. Very wastefull. Anyway keep complaining and or worrying about your bubba’s while I read about your vacations and watch my Cuba CD on the TV. And yes I would like a pity party…mike

You can also get bubba’s out of the alpine beer cases… Well thats where we got ours this year! And they are inbetween the 20oz and the mega bubba size!!! Perfect by my standards! Last year we had the actual bubba ones from Canadian Tire which were also awesome but we gave them to the bartenders at the Iberostar!!! I personally don’t care what anyone thinks when they see me carting mine around… My drinks cold and still yummy in a hour and the people with the plastic cups have a warm beer by that point or have had to get up 4 more times to refill…Anyways I will continue to enjoy my bubba from here on :stuck_out_tongue: