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Bubble wrap

Anyone know of someplace to get small pocketed bubble wrap. We tried all the dollar stores in our area, and most of the chains…not having any luck at all.

Last year we got it by the roll…this year cant find nada…

Oh yeah, the store needs to be in southern ontario :slight_smile:

What about a shipping store like UPS or Purolator etc.

did you try with a moving company in your area???

Did you check with the post office?

Yup…tried all them, they all have the big pocket stuff, but none had the small pocket air cells…

Oh well, keep looking, dont need it until Jan 9th…

thanks all



OBH , what you using it for, maybe something else would work??

packaging breakable donation items in his suitcase.

I get my bubble wrap from the dollar store and if there out you can also get it at Walmart in the stationary department.

Thanks for all your help all… we FINALLY found some small pocket bubble wrap, in the most unlikely of sources…

Went to a local china and fine glass wholesaler, and he gave us a whole roll of it…no charge…

Guess it does pay to hobnob with some business owners now and then…

Again, thanks to all who PMd and posted here…

Well partly correct… might be what its used for going down…but I am sure it will have liquid wrapped in them coming back :slight_smile:

They actually had premade pouches, 5" x 11" used for somekind of glassware, that are just the perfect size for 26oz bottles and tight fit for 40s… I am sure I can find a use for those LOL

i go to our lcbo and get those sleeves they use when you buy multiple bottles, they just give them to me