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Budget resorts


We are mulling over whether to go to Varadero for 1 week in April…budget is tight…any ideas on an inexpensive 3*?

I’m looking at Tuxpan, Club Amigo Aquas Azules or Barlavento?
I’m not too familiar with any of them but which would you choose?

We don’t need anything but a nice beach, clean room and simple food. I’m leaning toward Barlavento… ??? I think.


tanlines…when in April and are your travel dates fixed? You can get some pretty sweet deals for last minute to some budget and above resorts depending and not just to Cuba.


I had been watching prices and scored Villa Jibacoa for $279 (+ tax). It wasn’t last minute, in fact it was 12 weeks ahead. The price is now up to $389. When I started watching the price was at $579. I’ve notice this in the last few years…the tour companies seem to be puting the deals on 2-3 months ahead.


GefM…my departure city is Halifax…we never see prices like that here… :frowning:

sunlover…dates aren’t fixed. We could snag a deal late March or early April…I’m thinking maybe wait and book last minute (which is usually 4 weeks before for the market here.)
Anyhow…I’ll keep my options opened…


I have found far better deals within 20 days or even closer. I never look at prices that don’t include all ‘taxes’. Many airlines are including all sorts of junk in their ‘taxes’ listing. I just booked Rome to Toronto through Frankfurt and the total taxes were about $40. on Lufthansa. That’s something that makes sense. On the flight over, Transat was 3 times the price of the flight for ‘taxes’.

Just saying … give me the full price, not the BS price and then I will understand.