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Bug bites


I usually have quite a bad reaction to bug bites of all kinds. (Allergies) From what I have read to date the bugs are bad in Roatan. What are your opinions? I would really like to go there.


During the day I only get a few sand flea bites but once the sun goes down and I am on the beach I get eaten alive.

I try to stay by the pool if I want to get some sun and only go to the beach for a walk or to get to the dive boat, water taxi etc…

I have seen many folks laying on the beach. Some have no bites others are covered head to toe with bites.

The only other Country I have been eaten alive by sand fleas is in the Puerto Plata area in the DR. I always get mosquito bites but the sand fleas are something else.

After I am bitten by sand fleas they swell up and in the morning I have little blisters with fluid in them. It is usually in the area of the knees down.

By the pool and in the resort I have had no problems with being bitten by sand fleas.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


When we were there last spring I spent almost every minute on the beach and had no sand fly bites and only one or two mosquito bites the whole week. I did use a deet spray - my husband who doesn’t like the spray had a couple of more bites but no reaction. There were people on our flight home that were covered in bites (usually from the knee down) and a few of them had to see the doctor that comes to the resort as their reaction was severe. I think if you normally react to bites that you could experience quite a reaction and go prepared with Benedryl or something similar.