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Bus from Holguin airport to PRDO

What’s the current status on these buses? Do they have toilets and if so are they unlocked? On the last few bus trips to and from Holguin, the buses were quite nice and had a toilet but they’ve all been “out of order”. If absolutely necessary the driver would pull over for a pit stop along the road. Am getting older now and can’t go more than 2 beers without a P. :frowning:

Good thing your a man
I hope

depends on the bus…if you are going to Royal - no you are in a private smaller cab with no facilities

I think the toilets on those buses are best kept locked. LOL

It’s only an hour trip, dos cervezas es bueno!

[quote=@iggy1]Good thing your a man
I hope[/quote]On my trip from Delhi to Kathmandu it was women to the left, men to the right. :slight_smile: