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Bus to resort


8-)Is the bus to the resort usually just for the one resort…or does it make many stops…we are going to the Bahia flying Air Transat…last year in Mexico we must of stopped at about 6 different resorts before we got to ours…


You will have many, many stops on the way to drop other people off to their resorts.


Lets not get alarmed, depending on you tour operator, depending on the number of people going to your resort, you may have up to 3 - 4 stops at most, I have been to DR the last 5 years consecutively and never stopped more than 3 times on my way to my hotel. Hopefully it will be during daylight hours, at least if you must be on a few resort stops, you have time to see other resorts for later visits


I had no intention of getting anyone alarmed but in my twenty years of traveling in the DR. three stops is not in any way the norm. In fact the last time there was ten stops as we were the last resort.


…we avoid the whole resort bus…and take a cab.
That way, you avoid the other hotel stops, and beat the crowd at the check in desk.
Win Win!


I have never had more than 1 stop on the way to the hotel, guess we just hit it lucky…


We had 5 stops going to the resort and only 2 on the way back to the airport


both times I’ve been there we had 1 stop our resort… in fact at Breezes there were 2 bus loads for that 1 resort…last year at allegro we had 32 in a 35 passenger bus going…this time I may contact Sr Silva and get a cab.



If you are going to the Bahia it might not be a good idea to take a taxi since they preregister you on the bus on the way to the resort. When we have stayed at the RIU we have never gone to other resorts–only one or two other RIUS :slight_smile:


8-)Well I guess we better stay with the bus then if they pre register us as there is eight in our group…will just have to grab a presidente on the way to the bus…thanks… :sunglasses:


We have met more nice people to ‘hang with’ at the resort on that bus trip. :sunglasses:


I have to agree with you on that Bob…it is a great opportunity to meet some of the people staying at your resort…it seems to break the “ice”…


Well, there was (or is) a thread on ‘socializing’. You definitely have something in common with everyone on that bus. There’s your excuse for starting a conversation … That’s how new friends are made. :smiley:


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The bus didn’t wait for us this last trip, the rep even found us in the airport as we were waiting for our stroller to come off the airplane. (They had forgot to get it off the plane) The rep talked to us, told us what bus number, then when we got to the parking lot, the bus was driving away, without us :’( The amount of time between the rep talking to us and the bus leavin was no more than 7minutes. Cost us $30 US to get to the resort in a taxi. YIKES! I guess we will be writing a letter to Air Transat, trying to get our $30 back. Probably won’t happen. I kinda missed the bus trip, cause we didn’t meet any fellow travellers.


We were to the DR a few years ago and went straight to our resort. In Cuba we had one stop before our resort. In Mexico we had one stop and about six on the return trip to the airport and another time we went straight to the resort. Last year in POP, straight to the resort and one stop on the return. It is nice to see the other resorts and get the others impression of the resort they stayed at. Helps with the following year’s vacation destination.


That’s really unusual, and no doubt driven by incompetence. They usually give you your hotel information package, with your name on it, as you get on the bus. When they run out of envelopes, everyone should be there! If they have an envelope in their hot little hand …


We have transfers included in our package but I am still considering hiring a taxi/van. We will be going from PC airport to CDM with 6 people. It’s quite a bit of money each way but I am willing to pay it if it will save a lot of time. Adivice?


IMHO, you are missing the opportunity to meet new friends. Sure, you’ll save a little time, but really, what’s the hurry? Shift to Dominican time. ;D


Thanks, Bob. Good advice!