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Buses in Punta Cana

Hi to everyone. ::slight_smile:

Just wondering is there any bus stops near Grand Oasis? We are planning to go to Santo Domingo one day, but were scared about car hiring in DR. And what is the best and safest way to go to Santo Domingo from PC? ???

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to Debbie’s board.

If you’re not sure where you’re going, why not take one of the organized tours from your resort?


a bus (guagua) stops just in front of the hotel entrance and it goes directly to Higüey
In Higüey (in front of the Cathedral) you cross the street and there is the bus-station, where you can take the bus to Santo Domingo.
For one way you need ca. 4½ hours by bus.

The shortest way to go to Santo Domingo is taking a taxi or you drive by yourself.
But if you never drive in the DR, I agree with Tom, take one of the organized tours.


thank you so much for advice. I’ d rather take a tour to Santo Domingo as Tom told (thank you , Tom!).

But it will be a good expirience to take a bus to Higuey just for a walk, I suppose. We did the same in Thailand last year using local buses to go to Bangkok from Pattaya. It took about 3 hours one way, but was pretty easy and extreamly fascinating ;).


it’s absolutly not a problem to take the bus to Higüey
there you can visit the cathedral and the local market
have fun and great vacation

Silke gave you the best and easy way to take a bus to Santo Domingo,if you follow the rules you wont get lost.