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Butt Out!


I love Punta Cana and the main reason is the beautiful beaches.
This will be my fourth vacation to this wonderful destination. But, I must say there is one thing that really bothers me-- I hate the fact that some vacationers use these beautiful beaches as their personal ashtray. There is nothing more disgusting then walking through the white powder sand to find thousands of butts. I smoke, so I am going to leave a suggestion for other smokers----fill a empty cup up with sand and use that as an ashtray and put it in the garbage when you are finished. Lounging on the beach is part of a enjoyable vacation, butting cigarettes on these beautiful beaches is just plain laziness.


puntacanababe, I could not say it better. There are never any ashtrays in the beach area, so a cup with sand works great.
At least a couple of smokers do take care in the environment, and the wonderful beaches. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bad habit, but we care about others feelings!!!


I too am a smoker, and could not agree with you more - it is totally disgusting and inconsiderate. >:(

I always take a little travel ashtray, it has a lid, and is easy to dump out. That is my recommendation. :wink:


Definitely agree. The beaches are so beautiful and as we are visitors to another country it galls me to know this is going on. What are these people like in their own home, never mind their country. Terrible habit… I hate to leave my evidence lying around and do the plastic cup thing.


Puntacanababe, well said indeed! I too am a smoker and do my best to always be considerate of others looking around before I smoke and taking care to dispose of the butts when leaving one spot to another. I also take a travel ashtray with me for my room or wherever I might need it. On the beach I use a cup with sand and dump it when leaving my chair. It doesn’t take a lot to show a little consideration and it goes a long way in helping everyone enjoy themselves in paradise!

all the best,


Out of all the travelling complaints this is one I have to agree with. Nothing makes me angrier than people who when packing up from the beach, leave all their cig butts in the sand AND all the plastic cups lying around. Often I wonder if this is what they do in their own backyards - wouldn’t think so. !!! No biggie to pick up your garbage and plunk it in the many cans on the way to your room. Imagine what the workers in the morning think of us when they are raking up all the tourists garbage? Diane


I totally agree with everyone - one more thing not to “leave behind” on the beach - used condoms! I was lying on a lounge chair on Varadero beach once and happened to look down by the chair where I had laid my drink…there it was…a used red condom nonetheless! Gross! It doesn’t take much to collect up your garbage (whatever it may be) and as you’re walking back to the room, pool, or bar drop it in the trash can nearby. It makes me wonder what some people do around there own homes?!




I too found our lack of respect for the natural beauty of Bavaro beach appaling. More galling, however, was having to read complaints about beach garbage from the very people reponsible for depositing it there in the first place.

Adios, :sunglasses: :smiley: :sunglasses:


This is my first post ever (I’m a lurker) but I feel very strongly about this. It is a shame what some people do when they aren’t in their own backyards. I applaud all the smokers who are considerate enough to clean up after themselves even if they are in the minority. But, with setting such a wonderful example, maybe more people will follow, and maybe those non-smokers who leave garbage behind will think twice about littering.


I always use a cup too but agree that there’s not enough of us. On my last trip, a few weeks ago, one couple just got up at the end of the afternoon and left 2 empty bottles of suntan lotion, an empty Pringles tube, butts and an empty cigarette pack under their beach chair. When I shouted out that they had forgotten something, they just looked at me blankly and continued on.


I agree with all the post. I wish people would just so a little more thought in there actions. I smoke, and always use a cup with a little sand in it. And never ever leave anything behind.


Maybe the local Authorities should start issuing small fines ie$25. I know that this may tarnish some holidays, but for those people that don’t litter …no problem…Garbage on a beautiful beach ruins my vacation more then an officer walking around stopping litter bugs…it is actually enjoyable watching literbugs get fines…


My friend and I both smoke and we like to be tidy about it, I don’t leave the butts around my patio and yard at home. It always makes me laugh when you go to the bar and ask for an ashtray to take with you and the bartender looks so surprised.


Another way to deal with butts (and save the sand) is called field stripping - just break the filter off & dispose of that properly. The rest of the cigarette is biodegradable and can be crumpled to help the process. This can be done anywhere, not just on a beach.


Hey Sunny! I have lots of ashtrays to give you!!! :smiley:
Let me know we you need them :wink:
I totally agree with everyone on this subject as well :slight_smile:


Why oh why is this always made out to be a smoker’s issue?? It isn’t! It’s a litter issue, and everyone - smokers AND non-smokers - is responsible. I see FAR more discarded plastic cups and straws littering the beach and grounds than cigarette butts, so let’s hone in on the folks - both smoking AND non - who are really responsible. It’s not a cigarette butt thing, it’s a GARBAGE thing, period! And this very considerate and environmentally conscious ex-smoker happens to find the plastic cups and straws every bit as offensive as the cigarette butts >:(

Phew - glad to get that off my chest.


Hooray Lyndsey… 8-)I am a smoker but have always used something for an ashtray, and I do take my garbage with me when I move spots…People need to respect the beautiful environment that they are in as well as just because it is an all inclusive doesn’t mean you have to be a litterbug…“who picks up after you at home”…


That is why travel mugs are such a great idea. I met a lady from England on my last trip who wanted to know why North American are so vulgar and lazy that they need to take these huge mugs to the bar to have them filled. I asked her how many drinks, water or whatever, she figured she consumed in the run of a day and she replied several. So I pointed out to her that she had used several of those non-reusable plastic glasses that ended up around the resort and I had used only ONE mug which I used for the whole trip. When you consider how much people drink and times it by the number of guests on a resort, the amount of garbage is unbelievable. Travel agents should encourage the use of the mugs for the environmental reasons alone.


[quote author=evandbob board=general thread=1134438207 post=1134515106]Another way to deal with butts (and save the sand) is called field stripping - just break the filter off & dispose of that properly. The rest of the cigarette is biodegradable and can be crumpled to help the process. This can be done anywhere, not just on a beach.[/quote]This is what I do and if I can’t throw away the filter I’ll put it in my short pocket or pick them all up when I leave the beach. Some people are just pigs they can’t do right in there own country why would they be better in someone elses.


“Why oh why is this always made out to be a smoker’s issue?? It isn’t! It’s a litter issue”

Well yes, it is litter, but it’s sort of a uniquely gross kind of litter, to non-smokers anyway. And harder to pick up after. I mean, if I find someone’s plastic cup under my lounger I can easily pick it up and dump it in the bin - with some grumbling, true. Or just avoid it, if I were really lazy. But cigarette butts half buried in the sand - that’s worse than cleaning up after a waterballoon fight. Tons of little icky bits & pieces that you just stumble across. Yuck. >:(

Here’s another vote for litter fines - all litter! :wink: