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Buying A Cell Phone

I visit the DR 3 to 4 times a year. I would like to purchase a cell phone fro either Claro or Orange but I was wondering if someone could answer some questions. Does either company allow you to add time from over the internet as I realize your minutes expire after 30 days, and you lose your number after 60 days. I have friends living in both Puerto Plata and Punta Cana, leaving with someone to add minutes is not really an option as I never know where I will end up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Nauti ;D

The short answer is NO. You will end up with a new number each time. If you use Orange (we keep a spare phone for guests) every time you sign up with them it is $200 pesos for a new sim card (and number) and they give you 200 pesos worth of time. So the new cards are basically free.


If anyone ever works out how to keep a Dominican Cell Phone alive when you are not in the country please let us know as I know many of us here go more than once a year and it is a pest having to start with a new phone, new number and insert all Dominican friends phone numbers! I have left phones with friends in the past but one was stolen and one stopped working, fingers crossed for the one I left last time! It will make life a lot easier when Orange DR and Claro realise they can take money from us all year just so we can keep the phone and number current.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

PS BobK you could be a phone minder for us all? ;D

Have you just tried it after a couple of months of being away?
I have had good luck even after six months, maybe I’m just lucky but my Claro phone has surprised me on my last 2-3 trips. Yes the minutes had expired but the sim card and my number were still active, just added minutes and all good to go.
Just my experience is all.
I even lent the sim card to another Canadian once (sent it my mail and he returned it after use) this may be another way to keep it active if you can find some one on a complimentary schedule to yours.
Just sayin,


that’s a great idea Gerry :slight_smile:

Will a sim card from a DR company fit in a North American phone?


You need an unlocked cell phone.

I bought one on ebay and bought a sim card once down there and it works great.

Thanks I will set my son to unlocking the phone

Here’s a link to topping up your minutes…

and here’s another one…

Here’s a neat one, you can top up someone else’s phone if you know their phone number