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Buying furniture


Does anyone have any knowledge of buying furniture in DR? We’ve bought an apartment in Cabarete. I will be going over there next week and will need to quickly buy…

A fridge,
A dining table & dining chairs,
1 King size, 1 Queen size & 2 single mattresses.
Pans etc.

Puerto Plata or a trip to Santiago? Any recomendations of good stores? For this type of purchases, would you expect much negotiation? Are prices considered to be more than abroad? Any thoughts gratefully received!


May be a good question for www.dr1.com



I have some friends that winter over in POP (rented apartment). I’ll drop them an email and see if they have any suggestions. It might take a while; they don’t check their email all that often.



try this forum, local ex pats will be able to help you, if you have problems getting answers pm me your email address and I will send your questions via emails to residents who I know in Cabarete and they can email you direct.


I’m one of the local expats. I live in Puerto Plata and would suggest checking out Distribudora Corripio or Distribudora González in POP. There are places in Santiago as well, but if you want to keep it local, that is a place to start.

Depending on the quality of the pans, etc you want, you can get those in González or in Casa Nelson. As to mattresses, we can check out Hidelisa Centro or the above named. PM me and maybe we can work out some shopping trips. I speak Spanish, and can negotiate for you if you do not.


Even a trip to SD might be worth it, given the wider choice there and good quality stores (Cuesta, Ferretería Americana, Curacao).
On the other hand transport will have to be arranged making up for the better prices maybe.
It all depends what you want and whether your taste allows local purchases.



Thanks for your responses folks. Mad rush here at the moment, it’s 11:20pm here on Sunday & I’ve been at work all day to make sure I’m clear for escaping on Wednesday! Two major work deadlines falling on the 1st December. I arrive back on the Isle of Man on the 30th, so deadline is Tuesday then!

I think SD will be too far away, Santiago probably best value? I’ll drop Chantal a PM as I’m sure it will help being with someone who can speak Spanish!

Thanks for taking the time to help.


in santiago there is a huge store called la Sirena that was a big department store, housewares, clothes, etc and im sure they have furniture. the prices were good , but i was there in 1999, so who knows now!