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Buying parasols - help!


Ladies and gents:

Where might one buy a parasol for those sunny Punta Cana afternoons? Any suggestions, from vendors located online or in the DR or in the US, are most appreciated. =)



Why not just take a totes type umbrella you can pack it in your luggage. I always take one when I travel, just stick it in the pocket of my checked suitcase and I can reach it right away if needed. But must say never had to use it. Also might want to think about taking a disposable plastic rain poncho, the kind you can buy in walmart in the sporting good section.

all the best,


baltobabe: That’s exactly what I do, unfortunately I have had to use it every time I have come out of the airport. I bought a nice brightly coloured one tho “kinda tripical”, cost me $7 CDN from avon and I used it there, A LOT. Because of all the rain we had when we were there in December, the disposable poncho was a bit of a pain, when I got for dinner, I had the sopping wet piece of plastic, kinda rolled up, and would have got a lot wetter trying to put it back on when I went back outside. The “brolly” worked well, just put it under the seat so that the walking area of the floor wouldn’t get wet, then away I went. Hopefully jal12345, you wont have that much rain ;D


You both make good points. I was looking for the ones that are larger versions of the tiny umbrellas that dress up fancy cocktails. But I haven’t seen any anywhere, and haven’t heard that anyone’s seen them in the DR. Any ideas?



Oh I know the ones you mean! Those pretty chinesse type umbrellas. I used to love those. Or the fancy types that my mother used to have with paintings and ruffles! So pretty! Have you tried e bay or maybe an oriental type store might have something like that. Perhaps Peir one or a store like that.

Hope that helps,
all the best,


Jal, Honey now you got me all started on the parasol thing! Girl I could be in trouble! Gotta have one. Went to yahoo and typed parasols in a bunch came up and this one looks like I might have to get one:


Don’t you just love the girly stuff! Now to find one that matches all my bathing suits and pareos!

all the best,


Jal, here is one that is cheaper than Pamelas and looks a lot cuter:


they are in California, I might have to get one!



Jal, I will be the girl on the beach with the RED Parasol! See I told you I would get into trouble! Thanks for the idea! Wont that be FUN!

all the best,


Baltobabe, you are a GODDESS!!

Those sites are absolutely GREAT. This is eXACTly what I’m looking for. And I’ve gotta have one, girl! :wink:

As a quick caveat: I can’t believe some of Pamela’s Parasols cost $240, 'cuz that sum could be a down payment on another DR vacation. =) But her stuff looks really polished.

So here’s my quandary - need your help, girl! =) I can’t tell whether or not to go with the flashy fun purple one on the Siamese-Dream site, or the (cheap!) understated elegance one here on the Pam site http://www.pamelasparasols.com/newsite/pas2.html. Was shocked to find anything from Pam sub-$100USD, but I’ve got an eye for deals. =)

What do you think?

p.s. The Siamese dream has other neat stuff, too. Did you see these? http://www.siamese-dream.com/page/siam1/PROD/Most-Popular/CNheart1. They are too cute! =)


jal baby! I didn’t see the cheappie on Pams! You detective girl you! Good work! I went with the dreams site and the red one! But lusted after one in each color if the truth be told! See Girl…I told you …you got me started!

Hey if we had more time wouldn’t it be fun to buy a plain ubrella ourself and decorate it to our own taste! Hey we could start a business!!! This could be the hot new must take to the DR. Pack your mug and your parosol and be there! Oh my aren’t we just the trend setters!

And Jal you are right the Dreams site has a ton of have to have stuff! I hope they are reputible and my brolly arrives.

Wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams and a most FABULOUS vacation. I cannot wait to hear the stories of the raves you got strolling with your Parosol Ms Jal! Very Glam!

all the best,


Ok in my obsessive compulsive manner I am hunting and finding lots of stuff as I find I will post the links because I want to enable all of your "parasol pretties"


pretty victorian laccey ones above

this next one has some lacy ones too and how about a fan to go with! Must confess I went to one of the asian shops here and got a wooden fan because a girl cannot have too many fun girly accessories!


ok here are some pretty paper ones! These are the kind I remember my mother used to have! And I wonder where I get my fashionista tendencies! Hey I come by them through birth!


Well enough for now, I will continuse my search and post any good finds!

Jal, my Parasol Pretty, I hope you can get something before take off!

all the best,


Oh my these are so nice!


I think I might have to order one from here! Very oriental and lots of lovely designs. They say the are paper and waterproof. Can’t figure out how that can be, must read some more but just had to share the site.

all the best brolly girls!


ooooooooooh ;D ;D!!

I love the pink marriage brelly on the oriental site - yummy :slight_smile:

Nice work baltobabe - the red one you chose is fantabuloso! (that’s not a word, is it?) You’ll look absolutely divine on your next beach stroll :sunglasses:

One problem - I don’t have a pink bikini to match the one I want :(. Better go find Darryl’s credit card, hehehehe


Lyndsey girl! I knew you would be all over the Parasol Pretty Brigade!

Now if we could do matching mugs and parasols with matching bikinis and sarongs and matching jeweled flip flops! OH I think we have a business brewing girls!

Debbies Parasol Pretties! Get your matchy matchy girly girly stuff here!

giggles and all the best,


Guys, you have got me hooked too, some of these are beautiful, I am leaning towards the humming bird one (I love those little birds). Wouldn’t the Gardenia one on Pamela’s site be absolutely stunning for a DR Bride ??. Gotta have one for my next visit. All the girls should get one then we will know immediately who is a DDTer, what do you say?? ;D


I have soooo enjoyed reading this girlie-girl thread!! Big smiles here to all of you!!!

Debbie’s Parasol Pretties – Get Your Matchy Matchy - Girlie Girlie Stuff Here - but you forgot to say - Cheapy Cheapy!!!

What a wonderful site this is. Can always find a smile and some giggles on a cold afternoon in Cleveland when I pop in for a visit here!!

My best to all of you


Debbie, so glad you joined the Conga Line of Craziness! I like to think of myself as and entertainer and enabler!

It’s cold and snowy here in Baltimore today and we might get off early! Yeah! I feel like a kid in school! Baltimore doesn’t handle weather of any type well!

I on the other hand choose to escape in my own mind when we have any type of weather. Today my screen saver is a pic that Ms Kaki had send me of the beach areobics with the buns of steel man in a lovely poise! Oh it doesnt get much better except of course to be right there. And for me that would mean sitting behind mr. buns so I could see the real show! Oh I am such a BAD girl!

Well you all have a lovely day! Keep the good thoughts!

lAnd we will all be in the sun soon, one way or another!



Ms. Baltobabe–STOP!

You already need 3 loungers under a palapa to hold all your beach gear! While doing your research, did you see a pretty floral wheelbarrow to tote your loot around in?

As a friend I will also remind you of your 50 pound luggage limit–or would you bring your parasol on board the plane with you? Southern belle that you are!

If anybody on the beach could pull off that look, it is you!!

Yer friend,


Kaki honey I look at your pic all dressed in Blue Floral so pretty and think now wouldn’t that girl look good holding a prasol to match!

And friends Ms. Kaki doth tell the truth! The old babe is a lounge hog! Agast! But I must confess one of those 3 loungers was being saved for our Ms. Kaki!

It is not easy being a material girl! I am sure some of you sweet sous will understand my plight and forgive me my weakness! (she says in her sweetest southern drawl batting her eyelashes in Scarlett Fashion)

later, my parasol pretties!



Thanks to Baltobabe’s brilliant scouting, I have finally picked one! It’s this one, http://oriental-decor.com/product/1840.html. I’m absolutely enhanced by it. =) The catch: I leave March 7, they’ve got a single, flat shipping rate, and their products typically arrive between 5 and fifTEEN days!

Is this a lost cause, or should I go for it and hope for the best?