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Byerbill's birthday


All the best to you Bill, see you on the weekend


Have a good one. See you at the fiesta.


Same from us Bill, make sure Sandra spoils you… yea right…


Happy Birthday Bill !


Happy Birthday Bill

Hope you have a great one!!

[quote=@captain2002]make sure Sandra spoils you… yea right…[/quote] LOL good one Chris … i’m sure she will :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday Bill! Sorry we won’t see you at Fiesta, but maybe see you at the Craft Show in Picton !


Happy b-day Bill!



Many thanks to all for the Birthday wishes. Sure as heck hope that I’ll be able to blow out all 72 candles on the cake in time for me to to leave for Fiesta… :wink:


Happy Birthday Bill! Be sure to save some cake to bring to the Friday night tailgating! :slight_smile: