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Cable Car from Coral Marien


Is it possible to do the cable car on your own (without taking a tour)? If so how would I go about doing this? We are staying at the Coral Marien at the end of this month.



Yes it is - a group of people from our group dealt directly with someone selling tours on the beach and got a great deal - they also did this for ATV’s as well - it was much cheaper - sorry I doubt they’d remember the name of the person who sold - just be wary and don’t give them any money up front…


I was more interested in knowing if we could take a taxi there and use the cable car without going through any tour salesmen.


Sure. Take a taxi. There is a ticket booth there. I don’t know for sure what the ticket price would be, but I’m sure someone can fill in that piece of information.


I stayed at the Coral Marien a couple of years ago with a female friend. We hooked up with another couple (male/female) and just walked out of the hotel and taxis were waiting there. We negotiated a price which I think was around $30. There was an English speaking guide and the driver. They took us to the mountain and we went on the cable car. Afterwards we had a run around the city of Puerta Plata.

Very easy and no hassle.


You can catch a cab to the Cable Car station at the base of Mt. Isabella. Negotiate the price BEFORE you leave. The Cabbie will wait for you and take you back to your hotel. If you want a run around Puerto Plata, just ask the Cabbie and they will give you a price. Pay when you are back. Beware of those who pose as “official” cable car tour guides. You don’t need one to get a ticket on your own but some of them are very knowledgable and give a pretty good tour. Judge for yourself on their prices. Always ask ahead of time.

Forgot to add: We loved the tour. Check the weather before you go, may be a lot of cloud cover on the mountain.


I can add to Alf’s statement about the weather. It’s usually best to go up in the morning because the top generally clouds over in the afternoon.


After all the years I have going to the D.R. I finally went up the Teriferico (SP) and it was wonderful! A taxi from the Coral Marien, from the main road, to the entrance should not cost more than 200 t0 300 pesos. The cable car is 200 pesos for gringoes and 100 for Dominicanos. There are several nice shops at the top and also a couple of bars…interesting! Great experience and absolutely wonderful view. Just look out your window at the Marien and you should be able to see whether or not it is clear at the top of the mountain…when it is clear just go, and enjoy.