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Cadeca at the Tryp?

Could someone tell me if there is a cadeca on site at the Tryp? I am wondering if I need to exchange my money at the airport or if I can wait to do it at the resort.

Only 2 more sleeps! :slight_smile:

The Tryp in Havana has excellent banking and Cadeca services. The Tryp in Varadero had a Cadeca two years ago when I was there. I don’t know about the Tryp at Cayo Coco.


According to my notes (I forget the source) Cadeca locations in Varadero…

Hotel Paradisus - Hotel Tryp Península - Hotel Matitim - Hotel L.Américas - Hotel Brisas del Caribe - Coral Sirena - Princesa del Mar - Hotel Club Amigo - Hotel Breezes - Hotel Playa - Hotel Tuxpan - Hotel Princesa del Mar - Hotel Bella Costa - Hotel Sun Beach - Hotel Barlovento - Hotel Solimar - Hotel Beaches - Hotel Marina Palace - Hotel Arenas Doradas - Hotel Riu Las Morlas - Hotel Playa - Hotel Oasis - Hotel Los Delfines - Hotel Mar del Sur

Which Tryp?!

Lillybelle when I was there 4 yrs ago you could exchange money at the front desk. See you on the beach in a few days .

Keep in mind that over-the-counter exchanges are (almost) invariably a rip-off compared to a bank or a Cadeca…

I’m sorry everyone - I meant to say the Tryp at Cayo Coco.

Yes, someone told me that you can exchange money over the counter and that it was a better rate than the airport. But from what I have read, this is always a more expensive option.

Only 1 more sleep! And yes, guillermo58 I will see you on the beach! :slight_smile:

“… someone told me that you can exchange money over the counter and that it was a better rate than the airport…”

I can’t imagine how an over-the-counter rate would beat the airport Cadeca. Even a Cadeca at the resort would only beat the airport Cadeca by a few cetavos…

I have visited the tryp in cayo coco many times and they do have a person in a separate cubicle at the end of the main desk to exchange money and the rate is always the same as it is at the airport.

So finally there’s the answer… yes, there is a Cadeca at the Tryp Cayo Coco!

I decided to email the Tryp to ask them if they had a cadeca and here is my answer:


I guess they answered the question without really answering the question.

I will take ingie’s word and get my money changed at the hotel if we are short on time at the airport.

Tomorrow is the big day! :slight_smile:

Yes they have a designated money change at the Tryp in Cayo coco, I remember the hours being not all that good. Try and get enough exchanged at the airport then if you need more at the hotel. Or if worse comes to worse, take a bus ride down to Melia Cayo Guillermo, $5 bus ride hop on and off deal all day. They have a Cadeca, just outside on the right from the hotel entrance.
Always make sure you count it back after they do and check your receipt, and always get a receipt.

The rates between the Tryp and Jardines Del Ray
are about the same and not worth splitting hairs over.
I always keep some CUC from the previous year and avoid
the lines at the airport. This also gives me more time to
sit and relax on the bus and quaff a Cristal.