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Cafe Cito

I have been looking at their website. Looks very interesting.
Has anyone been there lately?
I was thinking of going for dinner and maybe the pub crawl.

Hi Taurus , We havent been lately , but do go every year to have a nice dinner & also take in the Pub Crawl . It’s the only tour that we repeat . Lots of fun , great guides , interesting sights . Looking forward to it again in about 3 weeks :slight_smile:
Cheers Bou

Thanks for the info bouquet.
Is it an easy walk from Playa Dorada, we’ll be at the Grand Paradise. Or do you recommend taking a taxi?

My wife and i were at the Playa Dorado in Jan, and visited Cafe Cito. You can walk there. it’s out the gate of the complex and to the right. The longest part of the walk is from the hotel to the main gate. We paid 200 pesos for a ride to Cito from the hotel aboard a horse and buggy. Very relaxing. The driver will drop you off inside the gate of the Dorada complex and pick you up again right outside the gate and continue on. For some reason they can’t carry you through the gate. Just before Cafe Cito on the right hand side there’s a large market place, with lots of huts that’s worth checking out.

Taurus your Welcome :slight_smile:
I think Liggyh about covered the walking part :slight_smile: & yes we do walk there .
Cheers Bou

Not sure about the ‘crawl’ but I have dined at the Cafe Cito and to be honest I thought it was at best fair at a touristy price. If you just go a little farther you will find the Placita Criolla and it is fabulous. I have suggested this to several people and everyone that has responded (2) said that it was wonderful. It is a wonderful little non touristy reastaurant with a wonderful ambiance and great food at a great price.

I am just not into the touristy places so I apologize if I rattled anyones cage. When in the D.R. I enjoy good Dominican food and not a crappy sub par hamburger.

Hey, no cages rattled. Placita Criolla. We’ll check it out too.

Thanks to everyone for the info.
Jahaira, you certainly have not rattled my cage. I love to hear different view points. Thanks for telling me about Placita Criolla. I also like to stay away from the real touristy places if I can.

We just did the pub crawl with a meal at Café Cito, last week. The meal was alright nothing to complain about and I’d likely go back; the “crawl” I don’t think I would do again.
It was just a little too rowdy for us with all the drunken people (tourists) on the bus. I knew that this was a “party” tour but didn’t think that people that ranged in age from their thirties to their fifties would act like complete idiots like these people did.
It got to the point that even the tour operators that where freely giving out the booze in the beginning; started trying to hold them back. By the time we left Caberete they were so drunk some could barely walk but still very rude, loud and abusive to anyone and everyone around them.
Needless to say that the pub(s) owners/staff or the local people on the street that took the brunt of it; were not very happy.
During the first drop off at the Playa Dorada complex, some had to rush off the bus as they were getting sick to their stomach.
That’s when we called it quits; got off the bus and walked the rest of the way to our resort. I wasn’t staying on the bus, to have these people get back on covered in their own vomit.
I know that by posting this I may come across as sounding like a prude but believe me I’m not and enjoy a good party. The pub crawl might be a good tour and maybe it was just the luck of the draw that we ended up on a bus with these people. There were approx 24/26 people on the bus; six were Canadians (including us) the rest were rude, loud and arrogant. Sound familiar?


DanD , I would hate to take a tour , any tour & have it turn out to be like what you described . In our experience , 4 x’s we have done this tour & never had anything like this occur . It would make me think twice about going again as well .
That said we will be going for #5 in a few weeks . I will ask Tim H. (Owner) about this when next we meet .
Cheers Bou

We did this tour a couple of years ago as well and ran into the same issue DanD did. Our bus had the same range of people and the same results. People had alot to drink and some became rude and beligerent to everyone, a real turn off. People again had to get off the bus coming home to get sick, actually it was quite funny to see a lineup of people all vomitting in the bushes at the same time, lol. We did the same thing and walked back to our hotel. It sounds like the same trip only 2 years apart. On another note, due to a few people spoiling the evening for most, we would do the “crawl” again especially dinner @ Cito’s.

I think about 6 or 7 of us will be going on the pub crawl on Saturday Feb 28th. Looking forward to it.