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Calling card in cayo coco

just found out that my phone wont work in cuba. if i bought a long distance calling card and brought it with me would i be able to use it at the nh krystal? sorry if i sound stupid, never been anywhere before so i dont know.

You will have to buy your phone card in Cayo Coco !

No foreign calling cards work in Cuba. A Cuban calling card will cost 2 CUC (about $2.77 CAD) per minute to call Canada. Calling from your room or via the front desk in the lobby is usually much more expensive.

we call from our room every year and its the same 2CUC so why get a calling card and have to use it in the lobby when you can do it from the comforted of your room

That’s great that you’ve only paid 2 CUC from your room, but that is the exception, not the rule. Like over-the-counter money exchange the unregulated surcharges on services like this can vary wildly between resorts/hotels.

According to Sunwing Vacations there are service charges when calling from your room in Cayo Coco. They recommend buying a Calling card from the store and use it at a public phone instead.


briimarie: The point is simply check the long distance rates that your resort will charge you when calling from your room. If they’re reasonable, great. If not, you have the Calling Card at 2 CUC/minute as back-up.

Have fun!

A better plan would be to have the other party call you. Easy to make a sked, and cheaper to call from Canada. :smiley:

eeeefarm, how reliable do you find calls coming into your room? Are the switchboard operators generally on the ball and handle international English speaking in-bound calls with no problems?

one thing i always find funny about this subject is people so worried about what it cost to call home i paid 3300.00 plus 330.00 club class for my vacation so if i spend 50 CUC over the 2 weeks for phone calls its not much in the big picture

One thing I always find funny is why anyone would think it doesn’t make sense to take a few moments to get educated so you don’t end up paying some ridiculous overcharge and end up looking like a dumb tourist. For example, at the Habana Libre you can pay 2 CUC to call from the telephone outside the cigar shop in the lobby, or 5.75 CUC per minute at the front desk.

It only takes a few seconds to ask your resort/hotel how much it costs to call from the room. What’s the big deal.

i didn’t say it was a problem to ask but a lot of people say 2 CUC is a lot and that is why i said what i said about it being very small in the big picture

[quote=@martian]eeeefarm, how reliable do you find calls coming into your room? Are the switchboard operators generally on the ball and handle international English speaking in-bound calls with no problems?[/quote]The first few years I went to Cuba I had skeds with my husband every trip. Lately we have been relying on email as the internet is now available at most resorts. In my experience there were some problems for the party calling from Canada…usually language difficulties…but most of our phone calls went through just fine. I found it convenient because we had simply prearranged a time and that usually worked. Occasionally there was a problem getting through from Canada. When that happened, the person in Cuba would make the call…and invariably get through, no problem, and usually with a better line! Go figure! The trick is, if you must call, keep it short. You’d be surprised how fast the minutes add up. BTW, the last time I called from the front desk (Sol Rio de Luna Mares when Poloma shortened my trip) the charge was 2 CUC/minute.

:sunglasses: Thanks for the thread, Brimarie. I didn’t know either, and now we do. Too bad a simple answer got so complicated and a bit vitriolic.

martian sometimes has to be right sorry about that lol