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Calling Cards

Does anyone know of any calling cards that can be used to call Cuba
from Toronto, where the price per minute is reasonable?

Have a plan with my cell phone carrier, but was wondering if there’s a cheaper route.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It is very expensice to call Cuba-the chiipest rate I’ve seen is thru comwave.ca or 1-866-410-3055 at $0.85 a minute.

Let me know if you find anything cheaper!

I looked into concave.ca and their rates are very good for cell phone users. Do bell mobility phones work in cuba if you were to sign up with this company for long distance. Any info you know on concave such as can you just sign up for a brief period of time, say for the time you are away and then cancel??
Stephanie :slight_smile:

calling from the DR is a piece of cake…7 or 8 cents a minute …Cuba not so much :slight_smile: hey your on vacation :slight_smile: email em!!
ET call home :slight_smile:

Only GSM 900 phones work in Cuba. A so called world phone from Rogers or Fido should work. My understanding is that all phone calls are expensive but international text messaging works fine and is relatively cheap.