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Calling home-uk


What is the most economical way for us to call home (uk) from the dominican republic.


"What is the most economical way…

Because I’m in to photography (and too geeky for my own good) I take a laptop with me. Find an unsecured network (There was one at Punta Goleta and the little French bistro in Cabarete both had free networks for guests/customers). I also ‘found’ an open network further down in Cabarete.

Sit down and get out a small headset, then chat for free on Skype (google Skype).

The software is free and calls to another Skype user are free, anywhere on the planet.

Quality is fantastic. You can also use ‘Skype out’ to call landlines anywhere in the world for a fraction of the normal cost. Uk to a Dominican Republic landline for instance, is 5 pence per minute, so I’d guess it’s the same in reverse.

If the people back home have a broadband connection, it’s easy. My friend (who puts me in the beginner level of ‘geekyness’!) has a handheld PC/phone which he runs ‘Skype for mobile’ on, which is much easier but the quality isn’t as good, so if you’ve a handheld PC you can use that.

Now if you’d said “practical for non-geeks…” :slight_smile:


Is there a more normal way by any chance.l


Buy a calling card. They’re not expensive (cheaper than a lap-top anyway LOL).


Can you just get them anywhere or do hotels sell them.


They are widely available. We bought ours in the hotel gift shop. What I like about them is that you know up front what you’re paying to call home – no suprises later on a credit card or hotel bill.


Right thats lovely thanks pat for your quick response.


Last year I used my mobile from Punta Cana OK - just keep it short and to the point. Only problem is recharging phone battery - although I understand that some hotels will lend you one. I tried to charge my battery using the my recharger and a socket adapter but it wiped all the charge off my phone so I could only use my phone whilst it was plugged into the mains. Cant say I noticed it as being overly expensive but my calls are literally hello we are here and we are ok!
Check with your mobile company and they will advise you.


Very unlikely.
How could they?
There are dozens of different batteries for those phones.

I’ve never heard of a charger drawing current from a phone battery. Most chargers work in a wide voltage range (110 - 230 V), check on the label.
European visitors should bring an adapter to accomodate the flat prong sockets here.



Whenever I go to DR I use my mobile. I happen to be orange and they have very good coverage there but what ever your network you would pick up on whatever the coverage is in your area. I took a travel adapter and plugged my phone charger in and had no problem charging the phone. You need to check with your network what the charges will be before you go to avoid any surprises on the phone bill when you get back! But in July Orange was £1-70 per minute to phone home and £1 per minute to recieve a call and local rate for the caller so its cheaper for them to phone you. Texts are 50p each and local rate for those at home to txt you and you don’t pay to recieve txts so I tended to do that to keep in touch with my sons. Some networks do an offer on international calls which you can buy before you go I know 02 do. Always remember to ring your network to remove your answering service as if someone phones you not knowing your away you’ll pay for the message they leave. Failing all that most hotels have an internet cafe at small charge to e mail home.
Hope this helps.



the cards are called communicards and you can get them from the hotels gift shop.
they do them for 100 or 200 pesos.
you use them from your hotel room and if you dont use all the credit you can use it for another call.